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Review: Kingdom Double Choc Mousse

Kingdom - Double Choc Dark Chocolate Mousse

British dark chocolate bar with 'mousse' filling. Kingdom chocolate is a new brand which uses "ethical Ugandan cocoa", but doesn't have Fairtrade certification. The company produce several dark chocolates, but all except this one contain dairy. This one gets a vegan label, but with a king of mousse chocolate already crowned, can Kingdom take the throne?

Review: Camille Bloch Torino Truffle / Mousse

Camille Bloch - Torino - Truffle / Mousse vegan chocolate

A return review for the mousse bar, plus the truffle bar with a smooth almond and hazelnut filling. We loved the mousse bar so much that it made our Best Vegan Products of 2013 list. Now that Veganstore sells both bars, we thought we'd review them together. We're also going to compare these bars to the British made Kingdom truffle bars in our next review.

Review: Beyond Dark Chocolate Drops

Beyond Dark Plain Chocolate Drops

Dairy-free Orange, Raspberry and Plain chocolate in mini-button drops. For lovers of strong dark chocolate. These 70% drops have had new packaging since we first reviewed them last year. The heart-with-horns motif is gone and the tagline is now "Moments of Pleasure". The dark drops remain the same, joined by the orange and raspberry flavours:

Review: Zero Zebra Safari Party Chocolate

Zero Zebra Safari Party Dairy-Free Chocolate Animals

Not strictly Christmas chocs, but ideal as a stocking filler. This pack of 10 dairy-free chocolate figures is available in the Christmas section at Holland & Barrett and also in independent health food stores. We reviewed Zero Zebra's chocolate bars earlier this year. This box is aimed more squarely at kids.

Review: Kernow Chocolate

Cornish dark chocolate in Chilli & Lime, Coffee, and Raspberry flavours amongst others. The range is handmade in Cornwall and available at National Trust gift shops and other tourist destinations. We picked up three of the more exciting sounding bars for our review:

Review: Dobla Belgian Chocolate Dessert Cups

Dobla Belgian Chocolate Dessert Cups

Chocolate cups in the style of 'cupcake cases' for ice cream. Fill them with your favourite dairy-free ice cream, soft fruit, custard, or whatever takes your fancy. These dessert cups are made purely from dark Belgian chocolate with a cocoa content of 49%. We dug out the ice cream for a special mid-week dessert:

Review: Tesco Finest Peruvian Chocolate with Coconut

Tesco Finest Peruvian 60% Plain Chocolate with Coconut

A chocolate bar with coconut, but not a Bounty bar by any comparison. This is 60% dark chocolate made with single origin Criollo and Trinitario beans, with coconut flakes blended into the chocolate. Ten skinny pieces of chocolate in an immaculate looking slab of Tesco's finest. 

Review: Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

Tabasco Spicy Chocolate is vegan

All American chocolate with a kick. We found this in the US imports section of a big Tesco. Not a lot else was vegan (although something from Reeses coming shortly... don't get your hopes up, it isn't peanut butter cups). This tabasco chocolate comes in a tin, like a shallow tobacco tin, and inside there are 8 wedges of hot pepper chocolate:

Review: Hotel Chocolat Selection

Pistachio Crunchies, Gianduja Bombe, Marzipan Ingots from Hotel Chocolat's vegan range

In the vegan range - Pistachio Crunchies, Gianduja Bombe, Marzipan Ingots. Hotel Chocolat's range is ever changing, but helpfully they label their stuff as vegan, so it's quick to find something dairy-free. We picked out three packs that caught our eye:

Review: Venchi Extra Dark Hazelnut Chocolate

Venchi Extra Dark Piedmont Hazelnut Chocolate

Italian chocolate with Piedmont hazelnuts. Venchi have been making fine chocolate since 1878, so they should be rather good at it. Many of their products are still hand made using artisanal techniques, and that could explain the price. This is expensive chocolate at nearly five quid for 150g. Is it worth it?

Review: Camille Bloch Torino Mousse Chocolate

Fluffy vegan chocolate mousse in a thin crispy chocolate shell... sounds like heaven? Despite getting a severe bashing at the hands of the postal service, this could be one of the best things to have arrived through our door recently. The bar consists of 8 chocolate domes connected by a very thin and fragile chocolate base... ours arrived from Vx in pieces, but at least the domes were intact:

Review: Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate

Versatile vegan squeezy chocolate for drinks, toppings and more. New from the makers of Sweet Freedom is a novel product in the form of liquid chocolate in a squeezy bottle. This blend of Sweet Freedom (fruit based sweetener) and cocoa can be made into hot chocolate, milkshakes and sauces, or used as a topping on ice cream, porridge or toast:

German Vegan: Chocolate Coconut / Rum Truffle Bites

Berggold Kokos Flocken and Streusel Kugeln chocolates

Kokos Flocken and Streusel Kugeln chocolates from Berggold of Germany. That roughly translates as 'coconut flakes' and 'sprinkle balls'. German supermarkets and drugstores are always stocked with cheap chocolates like these, and luckily they hardly ever use milk chocolate. The coconut ones are basically Bounty bites, while the sprinkle balls are a sort of rum truffle:

Vegan Easter: What Egg did you get?

We got a Choices Caramel! It's not just kids that get chocolate eggs right? We were lucky enough to be given an egg we hadn't already reviewed, and what an egg it is. We hadn't noticed on our shop trawl that this egg is actually caramel-flavoured chocolate:

Vegan Easter: Raw Choc Co's Vanoffe Dark Bar

The Raw Chocolate Co Vanoffe Dark

A raw chocolate treat for your dairy-free Easter. We've reviewed the 'Vanoffe' bar before as part of our wider review of the goodies available from The Raw Chocolate Co, but the Dark version is now available in a new 44g bar. That's 15 chunks of caramel / vanilla / toffee chocolate goodness for your Easter pleasure:

Vegan Easter: Sjaak's Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs

Sjaak's Filled Chocolate Vegan Easter Eggs

Your Easter Egg hunt is over! Five organic vegan ‘milk’ chocolate eggs filled with vanilla truffle, raspberry truffle, almond butter, creamy caramel and peanut butter. These foil-wrapped eggs are just a little bit bigger than those famous creme eggs that vegans can't eat, and come in a little presentation box. Creamy caramel... and peanut butter... tell me more:

Vegan Easter: Sjaak's Nuts & Chews Chocolates

Sjaak's Chocolate Nuts & Chews Assortment

Easter means chocolate right? But not always eggs. Departing with tradition (and orthodoxy), this box of chocolates would make a great gift for a vegan Easter. We often find vegan Easter eggs come without any goodies within... which is boring... so why not skip that, and just buy some great chocolates? This Sjaaaks assortment is a delicious selection of caramels and nutty chews with a rice-milk covering:

Vegan Easter: Choices White Choc Easter Egg

Vegan White Chocolate: Choices White Choc Easter Egg

A dairy-free white chocolate Easter egg with buttons. Celtic and their sister brand Choices have a monopoly on the dairy-free Easter section in Holland and Barrett stores, but it's a fine selection they offer so we're not complaining. Vegans can waltz in to a H&B and choose milk, dark or white chocolate eggs this year - is this a first? We naturally opted for the most exotic choice... the white chocolate egg:

Vegan Easter: Lily-Lu's Minty Moos

Moo Free: Lily-Lu's Minty Moos Vegan Chocolate Bar

Mint chocolate, but not as you know it! This is dairy-free milk chocolate with mint crisp, from the lovely people at Moo Free. We've eaten many versions of mint chocolate (just check out our Christmas reviews for lots of examples) but nothing compares to this. Even if you don't normally like faux-milk chocolate you should try really is great: