Review: Maple Water by DRINKmaple

The latest in hydration. You've tried coconut water and you've probably tried maple syrup, but have you tried maple water? It's simply the sap from the maple tree and contains 46 nutrients and is lower in sugar than coconut water. How does it taste though..?

Review: Tofurky Slow Roasted Chick'n

Tofurky Slow Roasted Chick'n Pieces

Faux chicken pieces in the chiller section. Launched in the UK earlier this year, we were keen to get our hands on them. They finally landed in our neighbourhood this month, so we tried out a couple of the flavours:

Guest Review: Pret's New Vegan Stuff

Pret A Manger has an exciting new veggie range and Plumes has kindly reviewed some of the vegan breakfast and lunch options for us:

I have always found Pret pretty good for vegan lunch time options with them usually having one or two options, and in the past few months one of their monthly chef's specials have been vegan so I was very excited to read the news on their website that they were expanding their vegetarian and vegan range:

Their campaign "Not Just for Veggies" ( is aimed at increasing the amount of veggie options people choose whether they are vegetarian or not. As well as increasing their vegetarian options and improving their labelling they will be turning one of their stores in Soho completely vegetarian in order to challenge their chefs to come up with exciting vegetarian and vegan options. It seems like the tides are definitely turning!

Review: More Than Meat Range

More Than Meat - Burgers, sausages, casseroles and sausage rolls

Hand-made vegan meat replacements. Burgers, sausages, casseroles and sausage rolls delivered across the UK. The products are shipped frozen and can sit in your freezer until you're ready to use them. Barry from the company gave us the opportunity to test the whole range and we jumped at the chance.