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Review: Shambhu's Cheesecakes

Another one from our #WMVF haul...vegan cheesecake from Shambhu's. We've been waiting a while to get our hands on these so we were glad to see them on the One Earth Shop's stall. There are three flavours available - mixed berry, choc orange and mint-choc chip. We picked up the mixed berry initially...intending to go back for the others:

Review: VEGANDELI Mortadella and Morcilla sausage

More vegan slicing sausage from Deli-Frys...or should we say VEGANDELI as they will now be known. We recently reviewed their mock ham and mock smoked chorizo sausage and now it's the turn of two other types of slicing sausage...Italian Mortadella and Spanish Morcilla. These types of sausage might be familiar to you if you frequent New York delis, but are less well known in the UK than the ubiquitous Chorizo. Mortadella is a garlicky sausage, while Morcilla is...well, more of a bloody concoction in the manner of black pudding.

Rebrand: Deli-Frys becomes....VEGANDELI

The new VEGANDELI range on Bute Island's Website
Bute Island are rebranding their Deli-Frys range of vegan meats and sausages. The range only recently launched in the UK, and products with the Deli-Frys name have only just started appearing in shops. We speculate that the Deli-Frys name was confusing for consumers, and maybe FRYS were more than a little unhappy about the similarity with their own brand name.

Don't Panic: Sheese lives on

The website for Bute Island Foods is gone, along with the website for Deli-Frys as we mentioned in our recent review. Fear not, Sheese lovers, we spoke to them today and they're alive and well and are now aware of the problems. We're planning to review some more Deli Frys mock meats in the coming days.

UPDATE: Deli-Frys has been rebranded as VEGANDELI

Review: Deli Fry's Mock Meats

If you've been to a recent VegFest you might have sampled Bute Island's range of mock meats, sold under the Deli-Fry's label. That's not to be confused with Frys...our favourite frozen mock meat producer. Deli-Fry's stuff is all ambient packaged in vac pacs and ready to eat. We put the mock ham and mock chorizo to the test:

Review: Sheese Melty 'Red Cheddar' vegan cheese

There are twice as many vegan cheeses on the market in the UK as this time two years ago, but the two 'big cheeses' are still Redwood's Cheezly and Bute Island's Sheese. Bute Island have recently joined in the 'melty' cheese revolution with their new line Sheese Melty. We put the red cheddar style Sheese to the test to see how it fares against the competition..