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Vegan Easter: Lily-Lu's Minty Moos

Moo Free: Lily-Lu's Minty Moos Vegan Chocolate Bar

Mint chocolate, but not as you know it! This is dairy-free milk chocolate with mint crisp, from the lovely people at Moo Free. We've eaten many versions of mint chocolate (just check out our Christmas reviews for lots of examples) but nothing compares to this. Even if you don't normally like faux-milk chocolate you should try really is great:

Early Easter: Moo Free Easter Bunny

Vegan Chocolate Easter Bunny

A vegan Easter Bunny in the shape of a Mini Moos 'Bunny Bar'. The dairy-free chocolate specialists at Moo Free have launched a bunny version of their Mini Moos chocolate bars. This is a faux-milk chocolate bar, shaped like a portly easter bunny. They're sold singly and available in Waitrose and elsewhere.

Review: Mini Moos chocolate bars

mini moos

Moo Free has been around for a couple of years with their faux milk chocolate and their latest line is Mini Moos - three packs of mini choccy bars. We tried out their honeycomb bar which is a bit like a deconstructed Cadburys Crunchie...pieces of honeycomb toffee atop a bar of rice-milk chocolate.