Review: Lakeland 'Experichef' Agar Powder

Lakeland 'Experichef' Agar Agar Powder

Not flakes, but powder, just like all those recipes by Isa and Miyoko require. In the UK you can buy agar flakes in any wholefood shop, but finding the powder usually means buying online. Lakeland's Experichef range includes xanthan gum (also used by Miyoko for cheese making), plus this agar agar. We tested it out on a cheesecake:

Review: Omni Superfood

Omni Superfood vegan protein supplement

Vegan protein powder and nutritional supplement with hemp and pea protein, maca, lucuma and MSM. It's natural, raw, organic and is low fat, low sugar and low calorie. The makers claim it supports your natural digestive, immune, reproductive and muscle systems. Available in separate versions for men and women. This is a review of the men's version...

Review: Hraska Gluten/Egg Replacers

Hraska gluten free flour blends

Yep, these mixes function as both egg and gluten replacers. If you think about it, egg and gluten both provide structure in baking, and Czech firm Hraska have developed products that do a similar thing. The UK distributor Bearsted Foods sent us two of the mixes for review - the Flour Mix and the Batter Mix:

Rebrand: Freedom Mallows

Freedom Mallows vegan/vegetarian marshmallows

The UK's favourite veggie marshmallows have had a facelift. The sloth is Freedom Mallows' new mascot, replacing the bunny rabbits from the old packaging. The massively improved branding should help make these mallows go mainstream, and yes - it finally says VEGAN on the front of the packs!

Vegan Life: The Vegan Police

The latest Vegan Life magazine has a great article entitled 'Naughty but Nice' about a vegan baker being lectured by the Vegan Police. Using sugar, eating vegan convenience food, or baking indulgent vegan cakes isn't 'vegan' enough for them. We've come across this before in the comments we get here at Veganoo. When we review vegan sweet treats we'll often get comments such as 'why are you reviewing this junk food??"

Happy 21st: Ethical Wares

UK vegan shoe company Ethical Wares have been trading for 21 years this year, which is a long time for a Vegan business. To mark the milestone, the company have produced an anniversary video, which we're happy to share!

Review: Parmezzano Vegan Parmesan

Vantastic Foods Parmezzano - vegan parmesan

Another parmesan-in-a-can option for your dairy-free pasta topping. The latest in a growing line of these type of products, this Vantastic one is based on soya flour. We've seen cashew and coconut used in recent alternatives, so this one is one of the more 'conventional' offerings: