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Review: Biona Caramel & Chocolate Syrups

Organic agave syrups with dairy-free caramel and chocolate flavours. Joining Biona's plain agave syrup on the shelves recently are these pair of flavoured syrups. They're both billed as 'rich and mellow' and aimed at 'pancakes and desserts'. The difference between these and cheap sugar syrups, is that Agave makes up over 80% of the contents in both cases, meaning that they keep their Low GI status:

Review: Biona Large Ravioli (Spinach & Leek)

Biona Large Ravioli (Spinach & Leek)

Enormous egg-free ravioli from Biona Organic. Vegan ravioli are rare, especially large restaurant-sized ones such as these. These look like egg pasta at first glance, so you may have passed them by on the shelf, especially as they aren't even labelled vegan (come on Biona!). That nice yellow colour is in fact just turmeric, but it does make the fresh pasta look appetising:

Vegan Pancake Day: Biona Agave Syrup

Organic dark agave syrup for your vegan pancakes. Agave syrup comes from the agave plant which although it looks like a cactus... technically isn't. The dark version of the syrup is less refined and contains more trace minerals... not that we'd suggest a massive dose of fructose and glucose is a health food! This Biona syrup is organically produced and is a lovely rich deep colour. It's also about half the price of maple syrup...