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Review: Vivani Chocolate Bars

@VeganTownUK sent us a selection of these organic chocolate chunk bars to review, and we were only too happy to oblige. We've missed the quiet arrival of Vivani to UK shores, but a few other vegan bloggers rave about their chocolate. Vivani might sound Italian, but the company is from northern Germany. We've got four flavours to check out:

Review: Pernigotti Gianduiotti

Pernigotti Gianduiotti

Individually wrapped gianduja chocolates from Stylish Italian confectionery for the discerning vegan. Pernigotti make both milk and dark chocolate gianduiotti. If you're offered one, and if they're not in their bag, look for the red wrappers, as the milky ones are wrapped in gold paper.

Review: Vego Chocolate Bar

Vego vegan dairy-free chocolate bar

Hazelnut gianduja chocolate with whole hazelnuts too! Our Vegan Tuck Box contained this huge (150g) bar of chocolate. We love the German website that promotes this bar:

"Probably the biggest and tastiest chocolate bar in the world"

They do have a point you know:

Review: Vantastic Schnouggi Nougat Bar

Vantastic Schnouggi Nougat Bar

Hazelnut 'nougat' bar from Vantastic Foods. Firstly, a German lesson: Nougat means something different in Germany than it does in the UK/US and France. German 'nougat' is what we call 'gianduja', in other words sweet hazelnut chocolate. This is a mini bar of gianduja: