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Review: Redwood Mini Sausages, Kofta Bites

Redwood Pork Style Mini Sausages, Redwood Kofta Style Bites

Hot party pork style sausages and spicy meat/veg bites. Redwood's large range now includes a whole lot of snack sized offerings which can be eaten hot or cold. Despite the thaw in the weather, we prefer hot food at this time of year. We've already reviewed the mini-sausages wrapped in 'bacon', but these sausages are the bare version.

Vegan Christmas: Manner Neapolitaner Wafers

Manner Neapolitaner vegan wafers

Anyone for wafer jenga? Part of our haul from the local Polish deli is a large bag of Austrian hazelnut-cream wafers. We've reviewed Manner wafers before in their snack sized offering, but this large bag is party-sized for the Christmas season. You have to be careful only to choose the Neapolitaner flavour as the others contain milk, but luckily this is the best flavour anyway:

Redwood Christmas: Vegan Stuffing Bites

Redwood Party Bites - Vegan Stuffing

Party Bites - nibbles for Christmas parties. Warm stuffing bites are perfect with a cold glass of wine. Redwood are doing their best to make Christmas easy for vegans who want it that way. Just 8 minutes in the oven is all you need for to create an appetiser, if dinner is a while away. These stuffing bites could form part of a wider spread - a hot or cold vegan buffet: