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Review: Taifun Tofu-Wieners

Taifun Wieners vegan hot dog sausages

Smoked vegan hot dog sausages made from tofu. We're working our way through all the brands of vegan hot dog sausages available in the UK. Taifun's Wieners are one of the longest on the scene, pre-dating Frys, Viana, Vegusto, Plantbasedfoods and maybe even Redwood (VBites). Taifun's smoked tofu won our tofu Taste Test, but does 76% tofu make a good wiener?

Review: Viana Real Jumbos

Viana Real Jumbos  vegan hot dog sausages

Vegan hot dog sausages. Mild smoked wiener/frankfurter style sausages from German firm Viana. We're making sure we've covered all of the vegan hot dog options out there (see below). After reviewing the Irish Plantbasedfoods hot dogs last week we're reviewing these Viana ones which have been on the market for a couple of years. 

Review: Plantbasedfoods Soya Frankfurters

More sausages, this time soya hot dog sausages, from Ireland based Plantbasedfoods. After reviewing their Veggie Sausages we found these hot dog franks and thought we'd give them a try too. Traditional Frankfurters and Wieners are pretty much the same thing (they may differ in proportions of which dead flesh they use, depending where you are in the world). For vegans, if they're intended for hot dogs, they're the same thing:

Review: Fry's Hot Dog Sausages

Fry's Original Meat Free Hot Dogs

More vegan hot dogs, to show Granovita how it should be done. The Frys Family range of frozen vegan food is now rebranded and looking great. It's worth noting that VEGAN gets the top spot in the dietary claims on the front of the pack, without the need for the word 'vegetarian' to appear anywhere...  Consumers can now be assumed to know that 'vegan' covers both. These not-dogs come frozen, in packs of 8. How do they compare to the Redwood hot dogs we reviewed last week?

UNVEGAN: Granovita's eggy hotdogs / meatballs

Why have Granovita launched new products that aren't vegan?? These canned meatballs and hotdogs launched before Christmas and recently arrived at our local stockist. We'd love to be reviewing them but they're not vegan, so we can't:

Review: Redwood Hot Dog Sausages

Redwood Meat Free Hot Dog Sausages

Classic 'boiled pork' style hot dog sausages. Perfect on a soft roll, with ketchup and mustard. These hot dogs aren't new, but we've never reviewed them, and the idea of a weekend lunch of hot dogs slathered in mustard and ketchup was appealing. If it were wieners we'd have stuck to our favourite senf (German mustard), but these are more the Anglo/American take on the sausage-in-a-bun and squeezy yellow mustard seemed right.

VEGANWURST: Wheaty Toro Sausages Review (Weenies)

Topas Wheaty ToRo vegan sausages

Four fat sausages sizzling in a pan... Fantastic vegan sausages from German firm Topas, sold under their Wheaty label. These Toro sausages are a mix of tofu and wheat protein and that makes them rather special because the texture is just right. The German word 'knackig' best describes these little beauties. Knackig translates as 'crispy/crunchy' but also 'luscious' and that's the perfect description for these sausages: