Review: Annas 'Pepparkaka' Biscuits

Annas - Original Pepparkaka - Ginger,  Almond, Cappuccino Thins

Ginger, Almond or Cappuccino flavour biscuit thins. Sweden's most loved pepparkaka, since 1929. These biscuits are from the Lotus biscuits stable, and are similar to caramelised biscuits. They're perfect with tea or coffee:

Food Fight: Anandas Vs Sweet Vegan

UPDATE: Sweet Vegan are now trading as Marshmallow Deli

Chocolate-coated marshmallow lollies from two artisan producers go head to head. Looking like edible gladiator's pugil sticks, we put both in the ring for a Food Fight. Will Ananda's or Sweet Vegan take the title of best vegan marshmallow lolly? Read on, fight fans:

Review: McVities Fruit Rolls

McVities - Fruit Rolls (biscuits) - Strawberry/Apple

Just like Fig Rolls... without the figs! Soft-baked biscuits with a fruity filling, in Apple and Strawberry flavours. If you've ever thought "I wish they made fig rolls with other fillings apart from figs", you're in luck - get the kettle on:

Review: Lidl Crownfield Muesli Cereal Bars

Crispy chewy cereal bars with no added sugar... and no added honey. 8 bar multipacks mean these are great value. The lack of added vitamins means there's no danger of animal-source vitamins making these unsuitable for vegans.

Review: Sweet Vegan's Vegan Nougat

UPDATE: Sweet Vegan are now trading as Marshmallow Deli

Sweet Vegan's Vegan Nougat

Traditional white nougat, without the egg-white. Call it fairground style, or french style, this is the chewy white block sort of nougat you get at the seaside (or in France). It's traditionally made with egg-white, or with gelatine, but Sweet Vegan use carrageenan, like they do in their marshmallows:

Review: Ananda's Valentine Round-Up

Ananda's - Limited Edition Valentine Round-Up - Vegan Wagon Wheel

Limited Edition heart-shaped vegan wagon wheel, from the February Vegan Tuck Box. We've previously reviewed Ananda's gelatine-free wagon wheels, but this heart shaped cutie is worth its own review. Your Vegan Valentine will be yours forever if they get one of these this Friday.

Review: Kingdom Double Choc Mousse

Kingdom - Double Choc Dark Chocolate Mousse

British dark chocolate bar with 'mousse' filling. Kingdom chocolate is a new brand which uses "ethical Ugandan cocoa", but doesn't have Fairtrade certification. The company produce several dark chocolates, but all except this one contain dairy. This one gets a vegan label, but with a king of mousse chocolate already crowned, can Kingdom take the throne?

Review: Camille Bloch Torino Truffle / Mousse

Camille Bloch - Torino - Truffle / Mousse vegan chocolate

A return review for the mousse bar, plus the truffle bar with a smooth almond and hazelnut filling. We loved the mousse bar so much that it made our Best Vegan Products of 2013 list. Now that Veganstore sells both bars, we thought we'd review them together. We're also going to compare these bars to the British made Kingdom truffle bars in our next review.

Review: Tanpopo Vegan Sushi

Tanpopo - Wholegrain Mix Vegetarian Sushi

Wholegrain Mix Vegetarian Sushi stocked at Ocado, including a mix of maki rolls and nigiri. This is a fairly unusual sushi made with brown rice. The presentation is great, but is brown rice sushi any good?

Review: Pudology Lemon Pudding

Pudology Vegan Dairy-Free Lemon Dessert Pudding

Gluten-free and dairy-free dessert made with coconut milk. We last reviewed Pudology puds in 2012, shortly after their launch. A couple of new flavours have landed since then, including this lemon pudding. It's a sort of mousse / fool rather than a cheesecake, as it doesn't have a base:

Review: Soya Mate Coffee Creamer

Soya Mate Dairy-Free Vegan Coffee-Creamer

Dairy-free coffee whitener from Veganstore UK. We've reviewed several coffee whiteners and found them mostly disappointing. Anyone want some unloved SoyGo sachets...? Veganstore were equally frustrated and set out to create their own creamer to fill the gap in the market. Should you pack some on your next trip?

Review: Leha Schlagfix Spray Cream

Leha Schlagfix Vegan Spray Cream

Dairy-free whipped cream in a convenient spray can. German firm LeHA has brought a range of dairy alternatives to the UK, including whipping cream, coffee creamer and a couple of spray creams. There is a "super kosher" version of this spray cream called 'Whiptop' which you can also find in the UK - it's even sold in Tesco.