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Review: Vantastic Foods Vitali Cereal Bars

Vantastic Foods - Vitali Müsliriegel - Schoko Banane (chocolate banana vegan cereal bar)

Chocolate-banana flavoured crispy cereal bars from German producer Vantastic. These came from Vegan Tuck Box (we promise to diversify our sources soon...!). We hold the view that cereal bars fall into two camps - worthy and healthy, or sugary and tasty. These fall into the latter group, as high energy snack bars:

Review: FRANK Snack Bars

FRANK Snack Bars

Chocolate covered cereal/fruit bars in Orange, Blueberry, Oat, and Double Chocolate flavours. Frank Honest Snacking says the strap line. These aren't cereal bars in the traditional sense, but are similar to Nakd bars, made from blended fruit and cereal. They have a lovely thick dairy-free chocolate topping:

Review: Nakd Crunch Bars

Nakd Crunch Bars are Vegan

Strawberry Crunch, Banana Crunch and Cocoa Crunch fruit and cereal bars. We have to confess that we're not big fans of the regular Nakd bars, which are a little 'textureless'. We're glad to see the company has now brought out some more exciting bars with added crunch:

Review: Dorset Cereals Choc Macadamia Bars

Vegan chocolate cereal bars from the people at Dorset Cereals, the premium breakfast muesli makers. These cereal bars are billed as 'decadently chocolatey' and are just under 10% chocolate. Rather than being a chocolate-coated cereal bar, these have the chocolate mixed with the cereals throughout the bar. The presentation of Dorset Cereals products is great...lots of shelf appeal...but do these bars justify their premium billing?

Mango, Banana & Brazil Cereal Bars from Doves Farm

Doves Farm Banana, Mango and Brazil nut cereal bars

Doves Farm have a decent range of vegan offerings and the latest is Banana, Mango and Brazil nut cereal bars. Arriving in boxes of five, they offer a flavour not seen before in a cereal bar. The bars are pretty substantial at 40g each and will keep your hunger at bay. You're unlikely to get bored half way through like you can with some bland cereal bars though...these have a tasty tropical fruity flavour. They're also nice and moist, quite chewy and not too sweet.