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Review: Nuvale 'Cubes' Seitan Chunks

Nuvale Cubes Seitan Chunks

Canned seitan pieces in stock. Great store cupboard standby for pie fillings, like a vegan version of steak chunks. We tried them out in a seitan and mushroom pie:

Review: Sojade Seitan Roulade

Sojade rolled seitan with spinach roulade

Four slices of rolled seitan with spinach. Sojade's yoghurts are popular in the UK, but it's harder to find their meat-free range. We found this seitan roulade in an independent health food shop:

Review: Vegusto Sandwich Slices, Deli-style

Vegusto Sandwich Slices, Deli-style

Meat-free deli cuts from Swiss firm Vegusto. Since arriving in the UK in 2011, Vegusto's range and reach have continued to expand. We found a large selection of Vegusto's vegan meats and cheeses at Out of This World in Nottingham, which is a sure sign of the push into the provinces. Amongst other things, we grabbed a pack of deli cuts which are gluten-based and dubbed 'sandwich slices':

Review: Lima Seitan Pieces...Bottled Seitan

What have the Belgians ever done for us? Well they've certainly made seitan much more putting it in a jar. You can make your own a couple of hours, or you can buy chilled seitan...but what if you want it in the store cupboard, ready to go? Lima has the long life solution you're looking for. These large jars are sold across Europe for seitan worshippers everywhere: