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Review: Amy's Kitchen Breakfast Sandwich

Amy's Kitchen Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

Vegan egg and sausage muffin. Egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free. Frozen and ready to microwave for an instant hot breakfast. The marketing team at Amy's sent us a few of these to check out and they were snatched up gleefully! There really is nothing else like this on the market at the moment:

Review: Viana Picknicker Veggie Snack

Viana Picknicker Veggie Snack

Vegan meaty sausage snack, sort of a vegan pepperami. These are similar to Topas Space Bars - they're both meaty finger snacks, offering a flesh-free meaty hit while away from home:

Review: Vegusto Luncheon Roll, Lyon-style

Vegusto Luncheon Roll, Lyon-style

Slicing sausage from the Vegusto range of vegan meats and cheeses. We've been sampling some of Vegusto's range recently and the idea of a good slicing sausage appeals greatly. Lyon sausage is apparently a highly-seasoned smoked pork sausage with a bit of garlic, but we've never tried it so can't comment on authenticity. Let's review it as a versatile vegan slicing sausage:

Review: V Pud Vegan Black Pudding

V Pud - vegan black pudding - The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Co

A vegan version of black pudding (blood pudding / blood sausage) from the makers of... well the makers of real black puddings - The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Co. Don't let the fact that this is made by a butcher bother you - it's veggie and vegan certified. Surely better that this pudding will be seen by their own customers too, than hidden away in wholefood shops. We've never tried black pudding so we have no idea if the taste is in any way authentic, but read on for our thoughts: