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Vegan Shopper: Ethical Superstore

Ethical Superstore online vegan shop

It's now easy to find vegan food in your local shops, but sometimes you need to shop online to find the brands you love, or those hard to find products. Ethical Superstore is a long established online shop, selling all things ethical, including a huge vegan range. The company sent us a selection of their vegan products so that we could spread the word:

Editor's Picks: Best Vegan Products of 2013

This has been an exceptional year for vegan produce. As we hit mid-December, we guess there'll be no new launches this side of Christmas, so it's a good time to pick out the best stuff we've reviewed this year. From sausages to cheese, chocolate to ice cream, read on for the Editor's picks of the best vegan products of 2013.

Review: Vego Chocolate Bar

Vego vegan dairy-free chocolate bar

Hazelnut gianduja chocolate with whole hazelnuts too! Our Vegan Tuck Box contained this huge (150g) bar of chocolate. We love the German website that promotes this bar:

"Probably the biggest and tastiest chocolate bar in the world"

They do have a point you know: