Review: Tesco Free-From Choc Ice Sticks

Tesco Free-From Choc Ice Cream Sticks

Own-brand vegan 'magnums', vanilla ice cream with thick chocolate coating. Three packs in the 'Free From' freezer section. We recently reviewed the Swedish Glace version of these and suddenly we're spoilt for choice with vegan choc ice lollies. These ones are made from lupin rather than soy:

The range of lupin-based ice cream has been extended, after the launch last year of the dairy-free cones with the same ice cream. It's made in Hungary, from what we believe are European-grown lupins (sweet lupin 'beans' are grown across the continent).

The three in a pack are a little disappointing, but these lollies are much larger than the ones in the five-pack of Swedish Glace lollies. They're maybe not quite Magum-sized, but are substantial.

In contrast to the Swedish Glace lollies, the chocolate is also much thicker too, lovely and thick and crispy in fact. Inside, the plain white vanilla ice cream is smooth and creamy. It's soft enough to bite and it isn't too sweet (less sweet than the Swedish Glace lollies).

Tesco chunky vegan choc-ice

We really like them...

Round Up

These are excellent choc ice lollies and the Tesco brand is certainly more appealing than the Unilever one for vegans. These are far from a poor own-brand imitation too: in the dairy-free market, Tesco are forging ahead of the branded producers with these great new offerings.

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Tesco Free-From - Choc Sticks
The Good: Fab chunky choc ices
The Not-so-Good: Only 3 in a pack

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients and nutrition panels from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. I've tried these too...agree tgsy are really nice :-)

  2. These are fantastic!! Was loving them, then Tesco in Haslemere stopped stocking them and say they will not get them again! Massive fail on their part; massive grrrrrr from me!!!

  3. Tesco seem to have given up on vegans. Really annoying. It means that I, for one, won't bother to shop aI Tescos for anything else. Find their attitude totally arrogant


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