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Review: Lakeland 'Experichef' Agar Powder

Lakeland 'Experichef' Agar Agar Powder

Not flakes, but powder, just like all those recipes by Isa and Miyoko require. In the UK you can buy agar flakes in any wholefood shop, but finding the powder usually means buying online. Lakeland's Experichef range includes xanthan gum (also used by Miyoko for cheese making), plus this agar agar. We tested it out on a cheesecake:

Review: Greens Quick Jel

Gelatine-free jelly, made and set in 30 minutes. Greens Quick Jel has been on the market for years, and the recipe on the pack is straight out of the 1970s... fruit flan. It's more versatile than that though, and as a widely available vegan jelly, it deserves a Veganoo review:

Budget Vegan: Fruitypot Jelly Desserts

Vegan jelly pots

Three packs of vegan jelly pots from Poundland. Peach jelly with fruit pieces...good value at 3 pots for a pound. Unusually, they're even labelled as vegan: