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New: Freedom Mallows Strawberry Marshmallows

Freedom Mallows Strawberry Vegan Marshmallows

New vegan marshmallows with a strawberry flavour. Freedom Mallows are the machine-made light and fluffy vegetarian marshmallows from Manchester producers Freedom Confectionery. Previously only available in vanilla, the Strawberry flavour is arriving in UK shops round about now. We grabbed a bag to see if they're as good as the vanilla flavour.

Review: Ananda's Marshmallows

Ananda's Gelatine-Free Marshmallows

Melting vegan marshmallows in a wide range of flavours. We recently reviewed Ananda's vegan Waggon Wheels and promised a follow up with a review of their marshmallows. We picked up three flavours from Ananda's online shop - Strawberry Dream, Choca Mocha, and Lemon Crunch:

Review: Sweet Vegan 'Try Me' Marshmallows

UPDATE: Sweet Vegan are now trading as Marshmallow Deli

Sweet Vegan 'Try Me' Marshmallows

Taster pack of assorted vegan marshmallows from Nottingham producer Sweet Vegan. This is a great way to sample a selection of the marshmallow flavours that Sweet Vegan offer. Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut, Strawberry and Banana came in our pack, although you may get cherry in yours.

Review: Daisys Marshmallows (coconut malibu)

Daisys Vegan Marshmallows

Part of our WMVF hoard was a tub of Daisys vegan marshmallows in Coconut & Malibu flavour. That flavour description was all we needed to hand over our cash and squirrel these away for review. Daisys is an artisan producer of gelatine-free marshmallows run by Lynda Marshall who sells the marshmallows to raise funds for animal rescue: