Editor's Picks: Best Vegan Products of 2013

This has been an exceptional year for vegan produce. As we hit mid-December, we guess there'll be no new launches this side of Christmas, so it's a good time to pick out the best stuff we've reviewed this year. From sausages to cheese, chocolate to ice cream, read on for the Editor's picks of the best vegan products of 2013.

Shneider's Dellinut Duo
White choc and hazelnut!

This stuff is amazing to look at, and on opening the jar you'll want to dive in. The white and dark chocolate fills the jar in stripes...rather like toothpaste...but far more delicious. You'll be bowled over by the amazing taste.

Choices Caramel Easter Egg
Chocolate and soft caramel!

A chocolate egg that's also caramel flavoured. It's amazing just how caramelly this egg is... it tastes just like the soft caramel chocolates that come with it. The rice-milk chocolate is so smooth and creamy too.

Vego Chocolate Bar
Supersized hazel gianduja!

Fantastic truffly melt-in-the-mouth gianduja chocolate with crunchy hazelnuts in every bite. This bar is perfect if you're looking for dairy-free chocolate, but don't like dark chocolate or faux milk chocolate like Moo Free.

Tesco Waffle Cones
Choc dipped waffle cones!

Vegan ice cream cornets with a chocolate coating from Tesco. Crispy sweet cones dipped in thick chocolate. Fill them with dairy-free ice cream for a shortcut to a 'cornetto' style ice cream.

JP Turner Patisserie
Huge vegan cream cakes!

Amazing vegan cream buns from JP Turner Foods were the star of Vegfest London. The selection was absolutely amazing, with cream doughnuts, √©clairs, profiteroles and cream toffee buns. They even had vegan Danish pastries and Chelsea buns!

Food Heaven Ice Cream
Creamy smooth and tasty!

Vegan ice cream in Rich Chocolate, Cool Vanilla and Wild Blueberry flavours. This is everyday ice cream that you'll keep stocked in your freezer, but it's still good enough to win a Gold award when compared to dairy ice cream!

Camille Bloch Torino Mousse
Light fluffy vegan chocolate!

Fluffy vegan chocolate mousse in a thin crispy chocolate shell... sounds like heaven? Despite getting a severe bashing at the hands of the postal service, this is one of the best things to have arrived through our door this year.

Viotros Violife Slices
Just like real cheese!

What's amazing about Violife cheese is its uncanny likeness to dairy cheese. The colour is a soft buttery yellow, it smells like cheddar cheese... and it even melts too. This is the closest thing yet to a real vegan cheese.

Dee's Vegan Sausages
Crispy sausage skins!

These are like no other vegan sausages. They come with skins and arrive as a string of uncut sausages. They're not made with soya or gluten, but with French pea protein. Best yet, grilling them gets you crispy sausage skins!

#1   Top Pick 
Melting vegan mozzarella!

Melting vegan cheese is the holy grail of animal free food. MozzaRisella arrived this year to take the crown from any other contender. It's not great cold, but it's truly magical when cooked - oozing, creamy, smooth cheesy goodness!!

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Round Up

This was truly an exceptional year for new launches of fantastic vegan food. Not everything we've reviewed here was strictly launched this year, but they all came to prominence this year. Who knows what next year brings - can 2014 really improve on this many ground breaking vegan product launches?

Keep reading Veganoo and we'll do our best to keep you up to date!

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  1. OMG, this vego bar is soooooo goood!!!!!! Why not make all vegan chocolate like this!!!!!!! A bit pricey for £4.05, but totally worth it.


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