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Review: Carousel Waffle Cones for Ice Cream

Carousel Vegan Waffle Cones for Ice Cream

We only recently ran our ice cream cone taste test but have now found another UK source of vegan cones for ice creams. Carousel were included in our original test with their sugar-free cones, but they also make these premium waffle cones which are vegan too. Unlike the other waffle cones we found, these ones are not gluten-free, but then they don't attract that 'Free From' premium price either. We grabbed some dairy-free ice cream and took these cones out for a taste test.

The Vegg vegan egg yolk. The Review

Review: The Vegg vegan egg yolk

Few new vegan products are greeted with the enthusiasm that has embraced the arrival of The Vegg - the vegan egg yolk that looks and tastes like egg yolk. Non vegans are probably imagining the product is a cocktail of artificial flavours, colours and thickeners, but the remarkable thing isn't. The Vegg is a really simple mix of yeshi (nutritional yeast), sodium alginate (a seaweed extract) and black salt (a sulfur-rich salt). This simple powder makes a versatile egg substitute for vegans.

Taste Test: Vegan Ice Cream Cones

Taste Test: Vegan Ice Cream Cones

It's hot and sunny, but your vegan ice cream needs a vegan cone. We've gathered together three brands of vegan wafer and waffle cones available in the UK, to see which is best. Two are gluten free, the other is sugar free...does that mean they're all taste free? We put a scoop of plain vanilla Swedish Glace in each...and ate them, so you don't have too (it's a tough job...)

Review: Happy Kitchen Chocolate Brownies

Happy Kitchen Chocolate Brownies gluten-free vegan

Gluten Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free and Sugar Free is always going to be a tough call for a brownie recipe, but the folks at Happy Kitchen in London Fields have risen to the challenge. The resulting vegan brownies are available in 4 flavours - original chocolate, raspberry, pecan and chocolate orange. We opted for the original chocolate brownie to see if this 'decadent wholefood' was more decadent or just more wholefood...

Review: Manner Viennese Wafers

Manner Wafers - Vegan Wafers

Vegan wafer biscuits are still few and far between so it's handy to know a secret source... Manner is an Austrian brand of wafers that's popular on the continent and can be found in the UK...if you know where to look. They can often be found in continental-style shops such as italian, greek or turkish supermarkets. Be careful to avoid the chocolate ones which contain milk, but you're safe with the lemon or the original hazelnut 'Neapolitaner' wafers.

Shoparound: M&S Bakery Iced Buns, Fruit Loaf and more

Marks and Spencer Bakery vegan stuff

Marks and Spencer have an official vegan list but we like to shop off-piste. If you've any doubt about our review policy read the how vegan is vegan post. Armed with a smartphone to check additives we took a visit to M&S's in-store bakery on a rumour that there were vegan iced buns to be had. Sure enough the buns were animal-free and we picked up a basket full of similar goodies too.

Baked Frittata made with The Vegg

vegan baked frittata made with The Vegg vegan egg yolk

We're still busy reviewing The Vegg vegan egg yolk....but had to wait for our second pack to arrive after using up the first in our experiments. We've now made baked potato frittata four times and we've given up trying to get it to set!

We used 6 tablespoons of arrowroot in the latest attempt...and we're now arrowroot sets really smooth and is not at all floury like cornflour (cornstarch). We're actually happy with the way this has turned out, with a soft-set creamy texture so we'll post the recipe with our review.

UPDATE: Our review of The Vegg is now live...with the recipe for this frittata.

Salad Days. Review: Granovita Salad Cream

UK Vegan Review: Granovita Vegan Salad Cream

Salad Cream...the salad dressing of 1970s Britain....and now vegans can reminisce too. Salad cream is different to mayo...thinner, sweeter and more tangy. Granovita produce both a vegan mayo and a vegan salad cream for the UK market. We grabbed a squeezy bottle of the Salad Cream for our review....but will it take you back to your salad days?

A toast to: Vegan Lemon Curd

Vegan Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is normally based on eggs and this is the first time we've seen a vegan version on sale. You won't find it in stores however as this is an artisan product on sale at UK festivals only. Made by Nottinghamshire producer My Cupcakes, it appears in one of their vegan cupcakes and is sold by the jar in three sizes. Great for afternoon tea, or on your breakfast toast.