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Review: Viana Picknicker Veggie Snack

Viana Picknicker Veggie Snack

Vegan meaty sausage snack, sort of a vegan pepperami. These are similar to Topas Space Bars - they're both meaty finger snacks, offering a flesh-free meaty hit while away from home:

SPACEBAR Goes Gluten-Free, Stays Vegan

Topas Spacebar wheat and tofu versions
Top: wheaty version - Bottom: tofu version

Spacebar, the vegan meaty snack bar is now available gluten-free. The Spacebar range was previously based purely on wheat protein, but the makers have now brought out a tofu version. Topas are obviously keen to broaden the market appeal of the snack bar by addressing the large gluten-free market.  We compared the tofu version with the wheaty version.

Review: Primal Strips Vegan Jerky

Recently arrived from the US, these vegan jerky strips come in a whole range of flavours. Some are based on soy and with others made from shiitake mushrooms. The shiitake ones contain wheat gluten, but the soy ones are labelled as gluten-free. Although there are vegan pepperoni-style snacks available in the UK, these are the first widely available vegan jerky strips we know of. We picked up the Hickory Smoked, Texas BBQ and Hot & Spicy strips for our review.