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Review: Popchips air-popped crisps

Original Popchips air-popped crisps are vegan

Not fried, not even baked... crisps that are air-popped and half the fat of regular crisps. We spotted these in a local wholefood shop and thought they looked great. With the calories we get through here at Veganoo, reviewing all these foods... lower fat is a relief! 

Review: Cofresh Hummus Chips

Cofresh Hummus Chips

Not for dipping in hummus... made from hummus, or chickpeas at least. Leicester based company Cofresh produce these naturally gluten-free crisps from a mixture of chickpea, rice, potato and cornflour. That sounds like a recipe for cardboard, but these chips are amazingly tasty and fantastically crisp:

Review: Barrow Boys Potato Crisps

Vegan Cheese & Onion and 5 other flavours. We finally got our hands on Barrow Boys vegan crisps at WMVF after having chased them since August. Barrow Boys promised to ship us some for review but they never arrived (never mind guys, we forgive easily with a pack of vegan cheese and onion in hand). Ethical Treats were able to supply us with all the flavours except Bombay Spice...that's Simply Salted, Salt & Vinegar, Sweet & Sour, Hickory BBQ and of course...Cheese & Onion:

Review: Smart Fries..air popped potato sticks

For UK readers these are crisps rather than chips...and for US readers these are chips rather than fries. Now that's out of the way, on with the review. With "80% less fat than regular potato chips" according to the pack, these potato sticks claim to be healthier than your usual potato-based snack. They're air-popped, which we guess means they're not deep fried...