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Vegan Shopper: Ethical Superstore

Ethical Superstore online vegan shop

It's now easy to find vegan food in your local shops, but sometimes you need to shop online to find the brands you love, or those hard to find products. Ethical Superstore is a long established online shop, selling all things ethical, including a huge vegan range. The company sent us a selection of their vegan products so that we could spread the word:

Preview: Veganz Supermarkets

We visited the Berlin (Friedrichshain) branch of vegan supermarket chain Veganz last week and were blown away by the amazing range of vegan products available. There is nothing like this in the UK (although the Kensington branch of Whole Foods has a lot of the US import stuff). The rumoured London branch of Veganz has been delayed, so we thought we give you a preview and share just what's on offer in the company's stores: