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Review: Dorset Cereals Breakfast Pot

Dorset Cereals Breakfast Pot (muesli) - vegan

We recently reviewed Dorset Cereals vegan chocolate macadamia bar and now it's the turn of their breakfast cereal...a 'breakfast pot' in fact. This is a single serving of muesli in an oversized plastic supply your own milk. It isn't the cheapest way to get your breakfast, but if you're away from home it's about the healthiest option available. We filled ours with Rice Dream and gave it a try.

Review: Dorset Cereals Choc Macadamia Bars

Vegan chocolate cereal bars from the people at Dorset Cereals, the premium breakfast muesli makers. These cereal bars are billed as 'decadently chocolatey' and are just under 10% chocolate. Rather than being a chocolate-coated cereal bar, these have the chocolate mixed with the cereals throughout the bar. The presentation of Dorset Cereals products is great...lots of shelf appeal...but do these bars justify their premium billing?