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Review: Beyond Dark Chocolate Drops

Beyond Dark Plain Chocolate Drops

Dairy-free Orange, Raspberry and Plain chocolate in mini-button drops. For lovers of strong dark chocolate. These 70% drops have had new packaging since we first reviewed them last year. The heart-with-horns motif is gone and the tagline is now "Moments of Pleasure". The dark drops remain the same, joined by the orange and raspberry flavours:

Review: D and D Chocolate Chips

D and D dairy free Chocolate Chips

A big bag of dairy-free chocolate chips for baking. D and D Chocolates produce a range of dairy-free carob and chocolate goodies, including fondants, bars and seasonal chocolates. The Siesta brand is part of D and D. This 350g bag of chocolate chips is dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free and is made with a mild 55% dark chocolate which even kids will enjoy.

Review: Beyond Dark Chocolate Drops

Beyond Dark vegan Chocolate Drops

In a break from our white chocolate theme, we're going dark...beyond dark. We spotted these dairy-free chocolate drops in Holland & Barrett. They're not raw chocolate, which seems to be everywhere at the moment, but they are made in a special 'slow and gentle' roasting process which claims to preserve more antioxidants. They're certainly very dark to look at, but are they the drops of 'pure pleasure' promised on the packet?

Taste Test: Best Vegan Chocolate Buttons

chocolate button showdown

Whatever you call them...choc chips, drops or buttons, you'll be sad to learn that Humdinger have withdrawn theirs from the UK. The Humdinger faux-milk chocolate buttons and their white chocolate buttons have been the dairy-free choice for many vegans. With Humdinger gone, we look at the options available in our Chocolate Button taste test...