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Vegan Shopper: Supermarket Vegan Lists

Supermarket Vegan Lists

UPDATE: Head straight to the Vegan Womble for the latest lists which are maintained on this page:

The hardworking Vegan Womble has gathered vegan lists from Waitrose, M&S, Sainsburys, Tesco, and the Coop, as well as Walkers, KP, Quaker Oats, Warburtons and more. We've got the links below, along with some great guides from Vegan Womble on shopping vegan in the UK:

Review: HESTON from Waitrose - Chocolate Sauce

HESTON from Waitrose - Vegan Chocolate Sauce

Heston Blumenthal's weird chocolate sauce for Waitrose. Dairy-free isn't something we were expecting when we spotted this in a local Waitrose, but it sure is. The body of the sauce is based on wheat glucose syrup, and as well as chocolate, it's also flavoured with coffee. Don't for a moment think that means it tastes like mocha:

Review: Taiko Vegan Sushi at Waitrose

Vegan Review: Taiko Vegetable Sushi at Waitrose

Many vegetarian sushi sets have egg in so it's great to see a vegan option at Waitrose. The small vegetarian sushi set from Taiko Sushi (exclusive to Waitrose) is currently egg free...but check before you buy as these things change all the time. Waitrose are even selling pots of salted edamame with their sushi range now....if you fancy a salty lunchtime hit. Is their vegan sushi good enough for your midday sushi fix though?