Review: Popchips air-popped crisps

Original Popchips air-popped crisps are vegan

Not fried, not even baked... crisps that are air-popped and half the fat of regular crisps. We spotted these in a local wholefood shop and thought they looked great. With the calories we get through here at Veganoo, reviewing all these foods... lower fat is a relief! 

Review: Sweet Vegan 'Try Me' Marshmallows

UPDATE: Sweet Vegan are now trading as Marshmallow Deli

Sweet Vegan 'Try Me' Marshmallows

Taster pack of assorted vegan marshmallows from Nottingham producer Sweet Vegan. This is a great way to sample a selection of the marshmallow flavours that Sweet Vegan offer. Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut, Strawberry and Banana came in our pack, although you may get cherry in yours.

The Big Cheese: 11 brands of vegan cheese

Vegan Cheese Selection

The biggest ever vegan cheese taste test. Coming shortly on Veganoo. We've assembled a huge vegan cheeseboard covering 11 brands of vegan cheese available in the UK. The cheeses are Swiss, German, Italian, American and of course British.

The names can be confusingly similar if you're a new vegan... Veganic, Vegourmet, Vegusto, Vegerella, MozzaRisella, Tofutti, Teese, Sheese, Cheezly, Jeezini.., and SoyaToo. We couldn't get hold of any Daiya, but the Tofutti and Teese are American takes on vegan cheese.

We're going to be putting them to the ultimate Taste Test, or should we say taste tests... as they'll be tested for meltability and how they taste hot, as well as how they taste cold.

Budget Vegan: Hills Cream Sandwich Biscuits

Hills Cream Sandwich Biscuits

Digestive Creams, Orange Creams, Chocolate Creams... 4 packs for a pound! These are the cheapest biscuits we know of, but they're one of our favourites. Hills Biscuits are sold in Nisa stores at this bargain offer price...mix and match any four packs for a pound. Avoid the custard, coconut and strawberry creams which all contain dairy, but take your pick of the others:

Review: Vantastic Schnouggi Nougat Bar

Vantastic Schnouggi Nougat Bar

Hazelnut 'nougat' bar from Vantastic Foods. Firstly, a German lesson: Nougat means something different in Germany than it does in the UK/US and France. German 'nougat' is what we call 'gianduja', in other words sweet hazelnut chocolate. This is a mini bar of gianduja:

Review: Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate

Versatile vegan squeezy chocolate for drinks, toppings and more. New from the makers of Sweet Freedom is a novel product in the form of liquid chocolate in a squeezy bottle. This blend of Sweet Freedom (fruit based sweetener) and cocoa can be made into hot chocolate, milkshakes and sauces, or used as a topping on ice cream, porridge or toast:

Budget Vegan: Giannis Ice Cream Cones at Aldi

Vegan waffle cones in 10 packs from Aldi. We've now found so many vegan ice cream cones that we wonder if there are any non-vegan ones anymore? These ones are the continental crispy waffle style cones rather than the wafer kind. We grabbed the dairy-free ice cream from the freezer and did yet another cone review. It's a hard life, dear reader...

Budget Vegan: Burton's Jammie / Choccie Dodgers

Twin packs of Jammie Dodgers and Choccie Dodgers from Poundland. You've probably had a Jammie Dodger or two, but have you seen Burton's Choccie Dodgers? They're both currently on sale in Poundland in packs of two. Are either as good as you remember from childhood?

Review: Askeys Crackin Chocolate Ice Cream Topping

Askeys Crackin Chocolate Ice Cream Topping

Vegan 'Ice Magic'... a hard-setting chocolate shell topping for ice cream. Just like Ice Magic, this is a chocolate sauce that you pour on ice cream that sets instantly to form a chocolate shell:

Review: Jus-Rol Croissants

Jus-Rol Croissants

Freshly baked vegan croissants...popped from a tube in the fridge. It's very hard to find vegan croissants, in fact this is the only option we know about, other than to make them yourself. This way is far quicker of course...the tube lasts for about 2 months in the fridge, and once there, you're only ever 15 minutes away from fresh crispy croissants:

Review: Lotus Caramelised Biscuits

The taste of Speculoos and the perfect biscuit for coffee. They've also been around since 1932. Lotus biscuits are the ones you often get as a complimentary treat in cafes when you order a coffee. It's handy to know that these are vegan if you're given one with your soya latte. They come in packs like this in supermarkets, but you're more likely to get an individually wrapped one in a cafe.

Review: Booja Booja Champagne Truffles

Booja Booja Champagne Truffles

Rich, dark, dairy-free chocolate truffles with real champagne. "Everyone needs a little Booja-Booja now and then" goes the tagline, and we have to agree. These are not everyday chocolates and are pretty expensive, but for a special occasion or celebration, they're worth every penny.

Review: Free & Easy Dairy-Free Cheese Sauce Mix

Free & Easy Dairy-Free Cheese Flavour Sauce Mix

Vegan cheese sauce powder for cheesy sauce in 3 minutes. At least that's what it says on the pack. This stuff has been around for years, but has recently been re-branded so we thought we'd give it a try. This isn't an 'instant' mix that you just add boing water to... you have to cook it in a pan. We made some up as a cheesy sauce for pasta to give it a whirl:

Review: Viana Picknicker Veggie Snack

Viana Picknicker Veggie Snack

Vegan meaty sausage snack, sort of a vegan pepperami. These are similar to Topas Space Bars - they're both meaty finger snacks, offering a flesh-free meaty hit while away from home:

Review: Biona Large Ravioli (Spinach & Leek)

Biona Large Ravioli (Spinach & Leek)

Enormous egg-free ravioli from Biona Organic. Vegan ravioli are rare, especially large restaurant-sized ones such as these. These look like egg pasta at first glance, so you may have passed them by on the shelf, especially as they aren't even labelled vegan (come on Biona!). That nice yellow colour is in fact just turmeric, but it does make the fresh pasta look appetising:

Review: Viana Bratwurst Sausages

Viana Bratwurst Vegan Sausages

Thick, meaty, vegan sausages for frying, from TofuTown company Viana. A limited range of Viana products are available in the UK, and these sausages are one of the more common lines. Bratwurst are traditionally pork sausages, but these are naturally a blend of tofu and gluten:

German Vegan: Chocolate Coconut / Rum Truffle Bites

Berggold Kokos Flocken and Streusel Kugeln chocolates

Kokos Flocken and Streusel Kugeln chocolates from Berggold of Germany. That roughly translates as 'coconut flakes' and 'sprinkle balls'. German supermarkets and drugstores are always stocked with cheap chocolates like these, and luckily they hardly ever use milk chocolate. The coconut ones are basically Bounty bites, while the sprinkle balls are a sort of rum truffle:

Review: Vegusto Luncheon Roll, Lyon-style

Vegusto Luncheon Roll, Lyon-style

Slicing sausage from the Vegusto range of vegan meats and cheeses. We've been sampling some of Vegusto's range recently and the idea of a good slicing sausage appeals greatly. Lyon sausage is apparently a highly-seasoned smoked pork sausage with a bit of garlic, but we've never tried it so can't comment on authenticity. Let's review it as a versatile vegan slicing sausage: