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Review: Tesco Strawberry & Vanilla Cones

Tesco Strawberry & Vanilla Cones (vegan cornettos)

Vegan cornettos. An unseasonal review, but our Best of 2015 list is coming up, and these may well be on it! These dairy-free cones arrived back in spring, and we took these photos in June, but we never posted the review...

There have been dairy-free cones on the market before, including the two in our review from 2012, but this is the first supermarket own-brand offering. Let's see how they compare:

Budget Vegan: Giannis Ice Cream Cones at Aldi

Vegan waffle cones in 10 packs from Aldi. We've now found so many vegan ice cream cones that we wonder if there are any non-vegan ones anymore? These ones are the continental crispy waffle style cones rather than the wafer kind. We grabbed the dairy-free ice cream from the freezer and did yet another cone review. It's a hard life, dear reader...

New: Tesco Choc Dipped Waffle Cones

Tesco Choc Dipped Waffle Cones - vegan ice cream cones

Vegan ice cream cornets with a chocolate coating. The sun was out at the weekend and it's perfect timing for us to notice these tasty new waffle cones from Tesco. Crispy sweet cones dipped in thick's almost the shortcut to a 'cornetto' style ice cream. We filled them with some dairy-free vanilla ice cream and took them out into the sunshine:

Review: Askeys Brandy Snap Baskets

Askeys Brandy Snap Baskets are vegan

A vegan version of that splendid but peculiar affair...the brandy snap basket. We say peculiar because they never contain brandy, and are never flat like a 'snap' biscuit. They probably used to be made with brandy, and are still usually made with butter...which thankfully these aren't. These ginger flavoured baskets are designed to be filled with ice cream, so we added a scoop of the dairy-free stuff and gave them a try.

Review: Carousel Waffle Cones for Ice Cream

Carousel Vegan Waffle Cones for Ice Cream

We only recently ran our ice cream cone taste test but have now found another UK source of vegan cones for ice creams. Carousel were included in our original test with their sugar-free cones, but they also make these premium waffle cones which are vegan too. Unlike the other waffle cones we found, these ones are not gluten-free, but then they don't attract that 'Free From' premium price either. We grabbed some dairy-free ice cream and took these cones out for a taste test.

Taste Test: Vegan Ice Cream Cones

Taste Test: Vegan Ice Cream Cones

It's hot and sunny, but your vegan ice cream needs a vegan cone. We've gathered together three brands of vegan wafer and waffle cones available in the UK, to see which is best. Two are gluten free, the other is sugar free...does that mean they're all taste free? We put a scoop of plain vanilla Swedish Glace in each...and ate them, so you don't have too (it's a tough job...)