Review: Zero Zebra Safari Party Chocolate

Zero Zebra Safari Party Dairy-Free Chocolate Animals

Not strictly Christmas chocs, but ideal as a stocking filler. This pack of 10 dairy-free chocolate figures is available in the Christmas section at Holland & Barrett and also in independent health food stores. We reviewed Zero Zebra's chocolate bars earlier this year. This box is aimed more squarely at kids.

The figures come still in their tray mould, which means they arrive immaculate, unlike bagged chocolate figures. You just pop a figure out when you want one.

We can't decide whether this tastes really like milk chocolate, or not. The flavour is spot on, but so much of chocolate's taste is about the texture. Zero Zebra is rice milk chocolate, so it's harder and not as creamy as the cow's milk stuff. It's mild and sweet and kids will like it anyway. 

Here's the little story from about Safari Party from the Zero Zebra website...

Zero Zebra invited all his friends to his party: Egor Elephant, Timmy Tiger, Roman Rhino, Greg Giraffe, Lilo Lion, Graig Crocodile, Mila Monkey, Helga Hippo and Tina Turtle. And this is how they reacted: The animals are very excited to join the fun at the Zero Zebra Safari Party, but Egor can't have milk and Mila is the only monkey who can't have nuts. Tina is allergic to eggs and Greg can't have any gluten. But Timmy, who has many food allergies, is jumping for joy because he knows that Zero Zebra makes delicious chocolates which everyone can enjoy because they have no allergens in them at all. 

This is allergen-tested chocolate, and you do pay a bit of a premium as a result. Worthwhile for a children's Christmas gift though.

Verdict: Santa's on Safari

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
 Zero Zebra Safari Party Chocolate

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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