Review: Kernow Chocolate

Cornish dark chocolate in Chilli & Lime, Coffee, and Raspberry flavours amongst others. The range is handmade in Cornwall and available at National Trust gift shops and other tourist destinations. We picked up three of the more exciting sounding bars for our review:

The front of each pack has a photo of a different Cornish scene, but inside the bars all look the same... at least from the front. The Raspberry bar has crispy fruit pieces embedded in the back.

The Coffee and Chilli & Lime flavour bars have no visible adornments - the flavours are dispersed through the chocolate. This is fairly high cocoa chocolate at 56%, so it's rich, but not too bitter or challenging.

The Chilli and Lime flavour reminded us of those Chocolate Lime sweets with the lime hard candy and the dark chocolate centre. The chilli is subtle in the mouth, which we like, with just a gentle warming of the throat when you swallow. One of the more enjoyable chilli chocolates we've tried.

The coffee flavour is not a gentle mocha blending of coffee and chocolate, but a punchy black coffee plus dark chocolate kind of taste. The ground coffee is quite distinct within the flavour of the chocolate. This is strong, but tasty too.

The Raspberry flavour is deliciously sweet with the candied sugar pieces and a really fruity flavour. Not sickly sweet like one of those raspberry fondant bars, but more of a balanced sweetness that offsets the bitterness of dark chocolate. We're not usually keen on fruity chocolate, but it works really well in this bar.

There are also Mint, Orange, and Ginger & Lime flavours in the dark chocolate range too. This is great dark chocolate, but we can't award it full marks since we were spoiled by the perfection of the italian Venchi chocolate earlier this year. Well worth seeking out if you're in Cornwall though.

Some of the Kernow range is Fair Trade.

Verdict: Picture Perfect Chocolate

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Kernow Chocolate - Dark Chocolate Bars

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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