Review: Zero Zebra Rice Milk Chocolate Bars

Zero Zebra Rice Milk Chocolate Bars

An easter chocolate idea that isn't an egg. Faux-milk chocolate bars from Zero Zebra, a brand of Marthomi Allergy Free Foods from Germany. Each batch of these bars is tested for allergens to ensure they are completely dairy, gluten and nut free. The bars come in regular, rice crisp and strawberry flavour. We're reviewing the regular and strawberry flavours:

We're now familiar with rice milk chocolate from the likes of Moo Free and Celtic (Choices), but this stuff is slightly different, using just rice syrup rather than the rice powder that is popular. This could possibly explain why the bars are still pretty dark. We also found them to be slightly too hard, but then it is pretty cold weather at the moment.

The chocolate is very smooth though, and not at all grainy. The strawberry bar has tiny pieces of strawberry sugar within the chocolate, giving it a bit of a crunch and a sweeter flavour.

These bars are fairly pricey, and we wouldn't say they were better than some of the more popular brands of faux milk chocolate, but the strawberry flavour is pretty unique, and might be a reason to look out for these. You might also be reassured by that allergy testing of every batch.

Verdict: Zero to Hero

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Zero Zebra Rice Milk Chocolate Bars

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the pack we reviewed.

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