Good Read: Vegan Life Magazine

We've had a good read through the new glossy vegan magazine for the UK, and were really impressed! This is something you could leave casually leave on the coffee table and not feel embarrassed about - it's slick, well presented and really readable. It's also available in Supermarkets, which is a major milestone:

Review: Meridian Nut Bars

Meridian Peanut Bar and Almond Bar

Almond bar and Peanut bar with 55% nuts. Meridian are the whole food company who specialise in nut butters, seed butters and fruit spreads. Their new 'cereal' bars extend their nutty offerings to the snack bar market. Are we nuts about them?

Review: Vantastic Veggie King Prawns

Vegan shrimps made of nothing but yam powder? Convincing taste, texture and appearance... that's what it says on the pack. Our haul from Veganz yielded a few interesting things, but none caught our eye as much as these things. Vegan king prawns can't work, can they?

Preview: Veganz Supermarkets

We visited the Berlin (Friedrichshain) branch of vegan supermarket chain Veganz last week and were blown away by the amazing range of vegan products available. There is nothing like this in the UK (although the Kensington branch of Whole Foods has a lot of the US import stuff). The rumoured London branch of Veganz has been delayed, so we thought we give you a preview and share just what's on offer in the company's stores:

Review: Provamel Macadamia Milk

Provamel Macadamia Milk

We finally got our hands on the new nut milk that Provamel have launched at the premium end of the plant milk market. We say premium, because macadamias are the queen of nuts - they're expensive, and so is this milk (see below). Is it worth tracking down, and 'shelling out' for...

Editor's Choice: Sojade Seitan Burgers

Sojade Seitan Burgers with Vegetables, vegan

Juicy vegan burgers - you read that right. Juicy vegan burgers! We decided to spoil this review by giving you the verdict right away. You see the pack doesn't look very interesting, and you might skip this review as 'just another veggie burger', but these are different, they're juicy! 

Review: Naija Potent Peanut Sauce

Odeiga House - Naija Sauce Range - Potent Peanut Stew

The folks at Odeiga House sent us a couple of jars of their African and Caribbean cooking sauce to review. The sauce is available at Manchester's Unicorn Grocery and branches of Sainsbury's. The peanut sauce is a Gambian speciality made with tomato, garlic and peanut paste:

Review: Koestlin Choco Wafers

Koestlin Choco Wafers

Egg and dairy-free chocolate filled wafers from Croatian enterprise Koestlin. These snack wafers can be found in discount shops and European supermarkets. Snack wafers, particularly the ones not covered in chocolate, are much more common in continental Europe than in the UK. You have to seek these out in non-mainstream shops here: