News: Frys frozen range now in Ocado

Your favourite vegan frozen food brand Fry’s Vegetarian is now available through online retailer Ocado. Following a bumper year of sales in the UK, Fry’s has succeeded in getting all 17 of their totally vegan range of products onto the shelves at Ocado. This is great news for vegans who now have a national supplier offering vegan frozen food at the click of a mouse.

Review: Vegusto Farmhouse Sausages

Vegusto Farmhouse-style sausages

Big fat vegan sausages from @vegusto_uk in a 'Farmhouse' or 'Cervelat' style (if you're Swiss). Two in a pack, and as usual from Vegusto, ABSOLUTELY NO INSTRUCTIONS on how to prepare them... There's no point googling how to prepare the dead pig/cow version of Cervelat either, so you're on your own. We boiled ours, and they may be the best sausages we've ever eaten:

Review: Freedom Mallows

Freedom Mallows vegan marshmallows

Soft, fluffy, vegan marshmallows from @Freedommallows (Freedom Confectionery) of Manchester. We've been looking out for these and came across them in the strangest of places... the farm shop in the village of Thorverton, Devon (with lots of other vegan groceries too if you're near Exeter). You can have any flavour you like, as long as it's vanilla:

New: Good Karma "3omega6" Flax Milk

Good Karma "3omega6" Flax Milk

Terrible name. Great product. Good Karma introduced their dairy-free flax milk to the UK earlier this year under the name "3omega6", which is a name so bad they didn't even put it on the carton. Having also missed off their company name "Good Karma" we think they should fire their creative department. Just as well the product speaks for itself:

Review: Everfresh Bakery Fig & Orange Cake

Long-life organic fruit cake. Buying vegan cake off the shelf is still can't do it in most supermarkets for instance. When cakes are vegan, they're often gluten-free too, which doesn't appeal to everybody. This range of cakes from Everfresh Natural Foods has gluten-free options, but most of the range is wheatflour based: