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Review: Lovechock Raw Chocolate Bar

Lovechock - Raw Chocolate Bar - Goji/Orange

Organic goji & orange flavoured 100% raw chocolate that arrived from Vegan Tuck Box. Four chunks of deeply dark looking chocolate, studded with pieces of goji and buckwheat (of all things to put in a chocolate bar). Dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free.

Vegan Easter: Raw Choc Co's Vanoffe Dark Bar

The Raw Chocolate Co Vanoffe Dark

A raw chocolate treat for your dairy-free Easter. We've reviewed the 'Vanoffe' bar before as part of our wider review of the goodies available from The Raw Chocolate Co, but the Dark version is now available in a new 44g bar. That's 15 chunks of caramel / vanilla / toffee chocolate goodness for your Easter pleasure:

Review: The Raw Chocolate Co choccy bars

The Raw Chocolate Company Vegan Chocolate Bars

More from the Raw Chocolate Company after our review of their chocolate covered berries. A selection of dairy-free mini bars in an unusual range of flavours. Rich cocoa packed Pitch Dark at one end of the spectrum through to sweet caramel Vanoffe at the other. All of it raw and some of the bars sugar-free too: