Review: Soya Mate Coffee Creamer

Soya Mate Dairy-Free Vegan Coffee-Creamer

Dairy-free coffee whitener from Veganstore UK. We've reviewed several coffee whiteners and found them mostly disappointing. Anyone want some unloved SoyGo sachets...? Veganstore were equally frustrated and set out to create their own creamer to fill the gap in the market. Should you pack some on your next trip?

This is possibly the least convenient packaging we've come across. You couldn't discreetly take this to a restaurant with such a large pack. The pack does offer flexibility though - you can choose how much or how little to use each time. We found that you need two teaspoons if you have a mug of tea or coffee, but you might get away with one in a small cup.

In coffee Soya Mate dissolves fantastically - no lumps or powder, and it doesn't separate if you leave it standing. The taste is great - really neutral with no taint and absolutely no vanilla. You get just a little bit of sweetness - kind of like a scant half a sugar in your coffee. It most reminded us of using sweetened soya milk in coffee. It's looking good, so onto the tea test:

Tea is far more challenging for powdered creamers - it's less forgiving as the tea flavour is less robust than coffee. Soya Mate does a really good job of whitening tea and again it doesn't taint the brew - just adding a tiny bit of sweetness, but without changing the flavour. This is good stuff indeed.

This is the first powdered coffee creamer that we can recommend - it even exceeds our expectations. It's not quite perfect, but then neither is dairy coffee creamer.

Verdict: Put the kettle on!

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Vegan Store - Soya Mate - Coffee Creamer

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. Ah I have been using the whity sachets and they're so handy on days out when soya isn't available with a coffee! I would love some unloved SoyGo sachets ;) I have not tried those yet. This soya mate looks great, though I agree, bit of a bulky indiscreet packet lol the looks I would get if I pulled that out my handbag!!

  2. I've just tried makin my own soya creamer (recipe on eHow) and it's excellent, but the one I made was liquid and not so portable. There is a powdered recipe too, but I quite fancy trying the Veganstore one (I notice Viva aren't selling the SoyGo any more) - it's easy enough to decant into a little tub.

  3. Please anybody reading this will they give Brighton based Veganstore a kick up the bottom as they haven't sold this for a while ..I agree by far the best tasting vegan coffee whitener and I for one miss it..sniff sniff


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