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Tanpopo - Wholegrain Mix Vegetarian Sushi

Wholegrain Mix Vegetarian Sushi stocked at Ocado, including a mix of maki rolls and nigiri. This is a fairly unusual sushi made with brown rice. The presentation is great, but is brown rice sushi any good?

The medium size box includes five hand-formed pieces of nigiri sushi, plus three maki rolls. The nigiri flavours are green bean, leek, red pepper, daikon radish and pumpkin. The maki rolls are all the same flavour - shiitake mushroom. There is no tofu inari in this set.

Vegan Sushi

The brown rice is firmer and with more bite than white sushi rice. We found the rice rather on the bland side, and could have enjoyed a bit more rice vinegar to perk it up. The fillings too are all vegetable based, without any non-traditional fillings like avocado to lend different flavours or textures. Vegan sushi can be bland, especially straight from the fridge, if it relies purely on vegetable flavours like this set does.

This sushi was disappointingly bland, with even the wasabi paste bordering on the weak side. The pickled ginger and the sachet of soy sauce couldn't rescue the blandness of chilled brown rice and cold vegetables.

Tanpopo offer several other vegetarian sushi sets, some of which at least include inari tofu pouches for a little bit of excitement. You can see their range online at

Verdict: Stick to sandwiches

Veganoo Score: ★★
Tanpopo - Wholegrain Mix Vegetarian Sushi

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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