Review: McVities Fruit Rolls

McVities - Fruit Rolls (biscuits) - Strawberry/Apple

Just like Fig Rolls... without the figs! Soft-baked biscuits with a fruity filling, in Apple and Strawberry flavours. If you've ever thought "I wish they made fig rolls with other fillings apart from figs", you're in luck - get the kettle on:

You get twelve biscuits in each pack, and thanks to the packaging we found them in immaculate condition - looking perfectly baked and inviting.

The biscuit part of a fruit roll is, like with a fig roll, a sort of golden shortbread with a nice crunch. The fruit fillings were both very sweet. The strawberry filling is the sweeter tasting, but also the most natural tasting - it's just like strawberry jam. The apple filling is less sweet, but not quite as natural tasting - it tastes a bit like apple flavoured sweets do.

We love these new biscuits almost as much as we love fig rolls! Fig rolls are less sweet and the filling is more substantial, but if you prefer something less figgy, these should hit the spot.

These are not listed as vegan on the United Biscuits website, due to the possibility of dairy contamination from the shared line. They meet our review policy as being vegan though.

The Good: Soft golden biscuit, jammy strawberry filling
The Not-so-good: Apple is slightly odd tasting

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
McVities - Fruit Rolls (biscuits) - Strawberry/Apple

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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