Review: Pudology Puds....sshh...they're vegan

We've got our hands on the three new vegan desserts produced by gluten, egg and dairy free producer Pudology. The espresso and mango flavours don't seem to have made it to market just yet, but we've got the chocolate, banoffee and strawberry puds to keep us happy. The desserts are sold singly or in twin packs and are beautiful to look at...with colourful designs and clear pots so you can see what you're getting:

The clear pots give you a glimpse of something very enticing...chilled, ready-made gorgeous-looking desserts....that are vegan. There aren't many of those around! The banoffee flavour in particular makes you want to grab these off the shelf and dive in.

Before we start drooling, here's the downside...these pots are pretty small, and pretty pricey. But hey they're pretty darn good, so we can forgive.

Chocolate pud - thick, dark, dreamy and incredibly smooth. A very grown up chocolate pudding that balances the dark chocolate with a pleasant sweetness. This pud is so rich that the small serving is more than enough. If you're eating these at home we'd recommend a little splash of alpro cream if you find the chocolate a little too rich on its own...

Banoffee pud - chocolate, banana and biscuit combine to make a truly delicious dessert. The biscuit base is gluten-free but is one of the better ones we've grittyness or fact we'd never have noticed that the bases didn't have wheat in them. The banana middle layer is really great, toffee and banana usually are of course, but it's done very well here. The chocolate topping just adds that extra dimension.

Strawberry pud - lots of strawberry puree makes these taste really natural and homemade. The strawberry layer is a little blancmange like, but smooth and fresh tasting. The same great biscuit base as the banoffee flavour combines to make this dessert a little like a strawberry cheesecake. 

These desserts are truly beautiful and they'd grace the shelves of Waitrose given a chance, and we do think you'll see these widely available. The gluten and dairy free aspects are subtly cued on the packs, and we think people will buy and eat these without knowing they're vegan. 

We bought ours from Goodness Direct.

Verdict: Very Good Puds

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Pudology Gluten/Dairy Free Puds

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the puds we reviewed

Chocolate Pud

Banoffee Pud

Strawberry Pud

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  1. Oh they look lovely!
    Will definitely have to try them. It's always exciting when a GF pud comes on the market. Thanks for the great review ;-)


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