Review: Free & Easy Dairy-Free Cheese Sauce Mix

Free & Easy Dairy-Free Cheese Flavour Sauce Mix

Vegan cheese sauce powder for cheesy sauce in 3 minutes. At least that's what it says on the pack. This stuff has been around for years, but has recently been re-branded so we thought we'd give it a try. This isn't an 'instant' mix that you just add boing water to... you have to cook it in a pan. We made some up as a cheesy sauce for pasta to give it a whirl:

The mix is a powder rather than granules. This stuff is basically cornflour with bouillon powder, onion powder and 'cheese' flavourings (which are undisclosed, but dairy-free).

The base instructions on the pack suggest using water to make the sauce, which we did. This results in quite a thin see-through sauce. The alternative suggestion is to use soya milk or rice milk, which makes the sauce whiter and creamier. The sauce is pretty thin, when made up in the suggested proportions, but you can always add more powder for a thicker sauce.

vegan pasta and cheese

We were not impressed at all with the flavour of this sauce. It isn't cheesy in the slightest. The flavour is of vegetable bouillon, with a hint of onion. We actually double-checked that the pack did say cheese sauce, and not just 'white sauce' - it really is that uncheesy. We offered some to unsuspecting guests and asked what they thought it was - 'bland' was the answer. 

The sauce lacks salt, but that's easy to correct. It's also easy to add a tablespoon of yeshi (nutritional yeast) for cheesiness... but then why bother? You can make yourself a cheesy sauce with cornflour, yeshi, soya milk, a pinch of bouillon and some salt and pepper... in about the same time.

Verdict: Cheese-free sauce

Veganoo Score: ★★
Free & Easy Dairy-Free Cheese Flavour Sauce Mix

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. I agree with you about this sauce, it is essentially white sauce with very little cheesy flavour. I made it with non-dairy milk but it still was very runny.

  2. I have never tried such instant mix. Let me try out this first to express my review on this.

  3. I followed the instructions on the pack but the sauce did not thicken until after 25minutes. Even then it was all grainy and still quite runny. Flavourless too...had to add lots of seasoning. 0 out of 10. Stick to yeast flakes.

  4. I bought some of this Free and Easy Dairy Free cheese sauce mix the other day, prepared it as instructed, it smelled weird, poured it over the broccoli with our meal which completely ruined it, it is rank and now it is in the bin where it belongs. Better off making a white sauce with garlic or mushrooms or having gravy instead. I don't recommend the sauce mix but when I ate cheese sauce I wouldn't have used a mix so I should've known better than to waste my money but luckily it was reduced to 20p.

  5. Good to know. I was interested but will continue to make my own. Bryanna Clark as a good mix as well.


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