The Big Cheese: 11 brands of vegan cheese

Vegan Cheese Selection

The biggest ever vegan cheese taste test. Coming shortly on Veganoo. We've assembled a huge vegan cheeseboard covering 11 brands of vegan cheese available in the UK. The cheeses are Swiss, German, Italian, American and of course British.

The names can be confusingly similar if you're a new vegan... Veganic, Vegourmet, Vegusto, Vegerella, MozzaRisella, Tofutti, Teese, Sheese, Cheezly, Jeezini.., and SoyaToo. We couldn't get hold of any Daiya, but the Tofutti and Teese are American takes on vegan cheese.

We're going to be putting them to the ultimate Taste Test, or should we say taste tests... as they'll be tested for meltability and how they taste hot, as well as how they taste cold.

Violife Vegan Cheese

We recently awarded our first 5 star score for a vegan cheese to Violife (we're pretty sure Jeezini is the same cheese with a different name), and with all the excitement around Artisan Vegan Cheese, this really could be the year vegan cheese came good.

Miyoko Schinner's Artisan Vegan Cheese

While you're waiting for us to review these cheeses, check out some of the exciting things happening over the pond, where artisan vegan cheese makers like Kite Hill are really making waves.

Kite Hill's nut milk cheeses

Right, we'd better crack on with this vegan cheese tasting... vegan pizza sounds like a good bet... eleven pizzas coming up...

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  1. I can't wait to read your cheese tasting results, I love how everyone has different opinions on vegan cheeses!

  2. "Tofutti and Teese are an American take on vegan cheese" is not true. Most American vegans and those with dairy allergies think Daiya is far superior to Tofutti and Teese. It melts well and is great on pizza.

  3. The moment Daiya arrives in the UK, we'll review it. Until then, Tofutti and Teese are the flag bearers for the US over here. Opinion seems to be divided about Daiya anyway...


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