Review: Fry's Hot Dog Sausages

Fry's Original Meat Free Hot Dogs

More vegan hot dogs, to show Granovita how it should be done. The Frys Family range of frozen vegan food is now rebranded and looking great. It's worth noting that VEGAN gets the top spot in the dietary claims on the front of the pack, without the need for the word 'vegetarian' to appear anywhere...  Consumers can now be assumed to know that 'vegan' covers both. These not-dogs come frozen, in packs of 8. How do they compare to the Redwood hot dogs we reviewed last week?

Sacrificed to the nuke gods - hot vegan sausage in 1 minute

We were intrigued by the microwave instructions on the pack. 1 sausage = 1 minute*. We sacrificed one of the sausages to the nuke gods and were pleasantly surprised. From frozen, to hot tasty vegan sausage in a minute is amazing. The texture suffers just a little, but if you're in a hurry this is a great shortcut. (* for an 800W microwave). 

Vegan Hot Dog Sausages sizzling in a pan

There are also boiling instructions, which are incomprehensible (how do you boil sausages in half a cup of water?) We opted for the shallow frying method which is the recommended route. 10 minutes in the pan, turning constantly. We much preferred the instructions on the Redwood sausages - boiling is so much easier and less messy.

Vegan Hot Dog

These hot dog sausages are great. The smell while they cook is spot on and the sausages have a great texture and flavour. Served with a squiggle of american mustard and plenty of ketchup we love them. 

We can't decide which we prefer, Redwood or Frys...there's little in it. Frys come frozen which means you can keep a box in the freezer and use them as needed, but then the Redwood ones have clear boiling instructions.

At least there's a choice of vegan hot dogs these days.

Verdict: Good Dogs

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Fry's Original Meat Free Hot Dogs 

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. Boiling - I interpreted this to mean boiling in a frying pan with a little water in the bottom. But we've had good results with just boiling them in a pan as the Redwood's one suggest. :-)

  2. I hated these. Like most Fry's products, to me they tasted of petrol. They made me feel sick.

  3. I used to buy these occasionally as I missed the taste of 'real' frankfurters and couldn't find a better vegan hot dog. However, I always thought that they lacked flavour unless drenched in salt and mustard. I bought a pack recently and was very disappointed to find that they seem to be even more lacking in taste than before! Is it just me, or have Fry's altered the recipe?

    1. I guess all hot dog sausages are pretty bland? You can microwave one from frozen in 30 seconds though which makes up for it... snack time!

  4. I guess all hot dog sausages are pretty bland? You can microwave one from frozen in 30 seconds though which makes up for it... snack time!


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