UNVEGAN: Granovita's eggy hotdogs / meatballs

Why have Granovita launched new products that aren't vegan?? These canned meatballs and hotdogs launched before Christmas and recently arrived at our local stockist. We'd love to be reviewing them but they're not vegan, so we can't:

If you think meatballs and hotdogs can't be made without eggs, think again:

Redwood Vegan Hotdogs

Redwood Vegan Meatballs

Granovita do make some great vegan products so it's really disappointing to see them make such myopic decisions. We can't even understand their logic, as vegetarians can eat Quorn which fills acres of shelf space in every supermarket... and who have the market for eggy meat alternatives sewn up. 

Oh well, Granovita's loss is Redwood's gain. Have a look at some of the great range of products that Redwood make without so much as a hint of egg.

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  1. Hello Veganoo!
    I work for the granoVita team and noticed your negative post on our twitter today. We're really sorry to hear you feel this way about our company. We work by Seventh Day Adventist values which means that we provide others with the same values with foods which are suitable for their religion. This means that all of our products are 100% vegetarian.

    We do sometimes include products which are also vegan, dairy free, gluten free etc as we acknoledge that some of our customers just enjoy our products and have other dietry requirements.

    We're really pleased that you have shared your feelings with us and appreciate your feedback. I do admire your strong ethics and values and understand your disapointment with us as you follow a very strict diet.
    I do hope you have not been mis-informed about our tinned meatballs and hot dogs being vegan as they are of course vegetarian.

    I hope this helps you to understand why we produce the products we have available and we hope you continue to enjoy our vegan products.
    We do hope you keep sharing your thoughts and are pleased you have previously reviewed some of our other products. We admire your strong ethics and values!

    Danni (from the granoVita team)

  2. Hi Danni, we're pointing out a missed opportunity to increase your target market rather than trying to be negative. We need to be a little provocative to get heard though :-)

    Best Wishes,


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