VEGANWURST: Wheaty Toro Sausages Review (Weenies)

Topas Wheaty ToRo vegan sausages

Four fat sausages sizzling in a pan... Fantastic vegan sausages from German firm Topas, sold under their Wheaty label. These Toro sausages are a mix of tofu and wheat protein and that makes them rather special because the texture is just right. The German word 'knackig' best describes these little beauties. Knackig translates as 'crispy/crunchy' but also 'luscious' and that's the perfect description for these sausages:

Toro vegan sausages

A lot of vegan sausages are either mushy or rubbery, so it makes a change to find some that have a firm outside yielding to a juicy inside. There aren't any flesh sausages we could compare these to, they're not like hot dogs, wieners or bratwurst, but they are similar in some respects to all of them. They're made for frying and don't need much more than a warm through and a crisp up in a hot pan.

Toro vegan sausages served with fried potatoes

We served up these Toros with senf (German mustard), ketchup, fried potatoes and a pickled gherkin... a true German style dish. The sausages have a flavour of wheat gluten but this is tempered by the salty sweetness from the bell pepper and yeast extract flavourings. They're also a little smoky, but not too much. You do need to serve these sausages with condiments such as sauce and mustard to appreciate them. A small beer to wash them down helps too...

Vegan sausages keep on getting better, and the Germans are still in the lead.

UPDATE: 2013-11-17: These sausages appear to have been rebranded as "Weenies" and are marketed as a hot dog sausage.

Verdict: Best of the Wurst

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Wheaty Toro sausages (Topas)

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

Topas Wheaty Toro vegan sausages ingredients

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