Review: Schlagfix Whipping Cream

Schlagfix Schlagcreme Universal / Sweetened Dairy-Free Vegan Whipping Cream

Schlagcreme dairy-free cream, universal or sweetened, for vegan whipped cream dishes. Schlagfix make a range of dairy-free products, including spray cream and vegan coffee creamer. These cartons compete with the SoyaToo range of soya, coconut and rice based whipping creams. How do they compare?

The creams are completely liquid straight from the carton, with the consistency of soya milk. They are not suitable as single cream replacements - they have to be whipped before use to get any sort of creamy texture. The creams whip quickly and easily though - with an electric whisk it takes less than a minute.

It's useful to compare the fat content of dairy creams to put these products in perspective. In the UK,  whipping cream has a minimum of 35% fat, and double cream 48% fat (corresponding to light whipping cream and heavy cream in the US). These soya alternatives have just 15% fat, and rely on added stabilisers to become whippable.

The problem with the low fat content and high air content is that these creams are more like spray cream than whipped cream. This is pretty much the same thing that Schlagfix sell in a spray can, but not as convenient. We just about got the cream to hold up the top layer of a vegan cream cake...but only just!

The sweetened version is very sweet, which is fine for hot chocolate and for cake. The taste is neutral, just a bit sugary. Schlagfix is far preferable in taste terms than any of the SoyaToo products, which have a noticeably odd taste.

The unsweetened or 'universal' version still contains a lot of sugar, in the form of glucose syrup. We made cream of mushroom soup with it, but the sweet taste is far too distinct for dishes like this. The cream taste dominated the soup more than the mushrooms!

Our suggestion is to go for the unsweetened version, but only use it in sweet dishes. For savoury dishes, neither this, nor Soyatoo are good enough. You can find other suggestions for vegan cream alternatives online, including the cream from cans of coconut milk.

As this is the best vegan whipping cream on the market, we're scoring it highly on the basis of using it in sweet dishes only

The Good: Best vegan cream for sweet dishes
The Not-so-good: Not suitable for savoury dishes

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Schlagfix - Schlagcreme Universelle/Gesüsste - Vegan Whipping Cream

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.



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