Food Fight: Schlagfix vs SoyaToo

Vegan Food Fight: Schlagfix vs SoyaToo dairy-free spray creams

Battle of the dairy-free spray creams. Whipped vegan cream in a spray can is now something we've grown used to in the UK, but until now we've not had a choice of brands. SoyaToo make three varieties themselves (soya, rice and coconut), but it's great to have a further choice now that Schlagfix has arrived:

Both of these brands are German. The only other dairy-free spray cream available in the UK (intermittently it seems) is Whiptop, but that's also made by the Schlagfix people and is essentially the same, but with stricter religious manufacturing.

There's little you can do with spray cream other than use it in a succession of toppings - so that's what we did. First up, as a topping for hot chocolate. The cocoa and sugar are nice strong flavours, so the mild flavours of the creams are masked a little. Both perform well like this.

As a topping for vegetarian jelly, spray cream can turn jelly into a dessert. The cream is more exposed like this, meaning the more neutral tasting Schlagfix has the edge. SoyaToo has a bit of an odd soya/vanilla flavour in contrast.

We were inspired by the tall glasses to create vegan knickerbocker glories, with fruit, jelly, ice cream, cream and chopped nuts. The mix of flavours here mean that SoyaToo is fine. Schlagfix is harder to get hold of at the moment, so it's good to know that SoyaToo is still a good convenient option. 

As we're on a roll with 70's desserts, how about banana splits. Biona caramel syrup makes the perfect drizzle for this, lending toffee taste to the banana, ice cream and cream. Again, we think either spray cream is fine in a dessert like this with plenty of flavour.

Round up

As we said in our original review, Schlagfix is superior to SoyaToo. The flavour of SoyaToo is quite unlike dairy cream, and it's easy to think with first generation products that it's because they're vegan that they taste like that. Schlagfix has shown that it's possible to make a dairy-free cream that's mild and neutral, but also creamy and delicious.  

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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