Taste Test: Best Vegan Cream...for Strawberries

Vegan Dairy-Free Cream selection

It's Wimbledon...strawberries and cream season is upon us. We've taste tested 6 vegan creams to see which should have the honour of topping our great British strawberries. We trailed this Taste Test two weeks ago and frankly we've been waiting for the sunshine to return ever since! At the first sign of a blue sky we grabbed some kentish strawberries and our 6 dairy-free creams...but which will take the title of Cream of the Crop?

Four of the creams on our test were whipping creams - thick and heavy straight from the carton, or light and foamy when whipped (as pictured). Two of the whipping creams are based on soya, one is based on rice and one on coconut. The two other creams are pouring creams, one soya cream and one based on oats. We tried them all on their own, and as a topping to strawberries.


None of the creams we tried gets 5 stars...all could be better. We're testing partly for their likeness to what they're emulating (dairy cream), but mostly on their own merits as plant-based creams. Here are our thoughts on the six creams...starting with our clear Taste Test Winner.....Provamel Soya.

Winner - Provamel (Alpro is similar)

A pouring cream based on soya. The Provamel cream has a mild taste and isn't too sweet. There is none of that greasiness you can get with some of the creams. The consistency is good, whether chilled or straight from the cupboard. A pleasure to eat on our strawberries.

Verdict: Taste Test Winner and market leader for good reason
Veganoo score: ★★★★☆

2nd place - Oatly 

A pouring cream based on oats. Oatly have done a great job in keeping the oaty taste neutral in this cream, as they do in their oat milk. This cream was actually a close runner up to the Provamel and should prove a versatile product for those wishing to avoid soya as well as dairy.

Verdict: Good all round dairy and soya free cream
Veganoo score: ★★★★☆

3rd place - SoyaToo Soy Whip

The best of the whipping creams on offer. This whips nicely but is very foamy when whipped straight from the cupboard and is best chilled after whipping to make it thick and firm. Quite a distinctive soya taste which won't please everyone. Slightly greasy and a little too sweet.

Verdict: A reasonably good soya whipping cream
Veganoo score: ★★★☆☆

4th place - GranoVita CremoVita

Another soya whipping cream, but not quite as good as the SoyaToo. Thicker and slightly more greasy than the SoyaToo, but a little less over-sweet. The soya taste is again fairly evident. Holds very good peaks. Also best chilled after whipping for the best consistency and to reduce the soya taste.

Verdict: Slightly greasy soya whipping cream
Veganoo score: ★★★☆☆

5th place - SoyaToo Rice Whip

A whipping cream based on rice milk this time. This is the thinnest of the whipping creams and won't hold a peak without chilling after whipping. The Rice Whip is far too sweet which seems to be trying to hide the background flavour. Quite an odd taste over all, this might be OK in cooked dishes but it's not great on fruit.

Verdict: One to avoid unless you're avoiding soya
Veganoo score: ★★☆☆☆

6th place - SoyaToo Cocos (coconut) Whip

We don't mince our words here at Veganoo, so let's come out and say it...this stuff is pretty awful. This is based on coconut milk and fat, but oddly doesn't taste anywhere near as good as the coconut cream you can buy in any supermarket. Very thick, greasy, oddly flavoured and over sweet. Not a lot going for it.

Verdict: Avoid this and buy some coconut cream instead.
Veganoo score: ★☆☆☆☆

The vegan cream market is getting pretty crowded but there's evidently still some room for innovation and improvement. There are pretty good options for pouring creams out there, but the options for thicker creams are not that special. We'd certainly hesitate before offering any of the whipping creams we tested to non-vegans. Try some Provamel or Oatly on them though - they might be pleasantly surprised.

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from each of the products in our review.



SoyaToo soya

GranoVita CremoVita

SoyaToo Rice

SoyaToo Cocos

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  1. Did you know that Provamel and Alpro are linked? Alpro are soon to be changing their UK manufacturing processes so that products that are currently nut free will now have to bear the warning that they may contain nuts. You may not realise how this will affect you, unless you try to consume Alpro products in a nut free environment, such as a school or nursery. If you are at all concerned about this, please email Alpro and tell them of your concerns. Thank you!

  2. Alpro whip cream is the best I've had soo far! Don't you get that in the UK? It might be called Airy & creamy.

    1. Unfortunately we don't get Alpro Airy & Creamy here in the UK

  3. I bought some Provamel for mince pies and xmas pudding and 'prawn' (avocado) cocktail, but noticed a slight aftertaste. might try the oatly next time as awesome to be soya-free too. great rundown here, thanks! awesome site.


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