Review: Food Heaven Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Review: Food Heaven Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Vegan ice cream from @FoodHeaven in Rich Chocolate, Cool Vanilla and Wild Blueberry flavours. Jodi Anderson and the team at Food Heaven have put together a great range of dairy-free foods, with this dairy-free ice cream now widely available. You may be familiar with Food Heaven's frozen cheesecakes, and they're soon to launch a dairy-free tiramisu too! We checked out the ice cream on a sunny September weekend...

Vegan Dairy-Free Ice Creams

We bagged three of the four flavours available - they also do a Juicy Raspberry flavour. The blueberry, vanilla and chocolate flavours all look fantastic and we couldn't wait to get stuck in. The first thing to note about Food Heaven ice cream is that it's quite similar to Swedish Glace...which is a good thing in our book. It's also got tubs that you can open easily (unlike Swedish Glace!)

The vanilla flavour is a classic in every respect. This ice cream is mild, creamy and smooth and reminded us of seaside holidays. It doesn't have those black vanilla specks that Swedish Glace does - it isn't pretending to be a 'premium' ice cream. This is an everyday ice cream that you'll keep in your freezer at all times once you've tried it. It's still good enough to win a Gold award when compared to dairy ice cream though!

We love the chocolate flavour. It's really chocolatey and really good. Smooth, creamy and very lickable. This might be our new favourite ice cream, and we're not normally fans of chocolate ice cream either! Rich, but smooth and just sweet enough.

The blueberry flavour is really fruity and almost floral. The wild blueberry sauce is swirled through the ice cream as a ripple, so you get concentrated bits of flavour as you lick (or gobble..). The blueberry has just enough tartness to balance the sweetness and makes a great change - like trying a new flavour at an ice cream parlour.

A new favourite?

We're really glad that this ice cream is as good as we hoped it would be. The dairy-free market is growing, and the more options, the better. Too many dairy-free brands aim for the 'premium tub' market too, at pretty high prices.

We're convinced that Food Heaven is going to become the new everyday dairy-free ice cream. Not everyone is fond of Swedish Glace's new parent company (Unilever). Food Heaven by contrast is part of Fayrefield Foods, a UK food service company.

This ice cream is actually cheaper than Swedish Glace too. It comes in 900ml tubs, which are larger than the 750ml Swedish Glace tubs, so it works out cheaper per ml.

Food Heaven are just about to launch dairy-free (and all vegan) tiramisu and mousse into Waitrose, and we're hoping to review those later this week.

Verdict: Nice, Ice, Baby

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Food Heaven Non-Dairy Iced Dessert 
(Dairy-Free Ice Cream)

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Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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  1. Where can you buy it from?

  2. We found ours in a health food shop, but if you're stuck you can buy it from Goodness Direct:

  3. Vegan tiramisu and mousse!! I'm so excited! Do you know when they'll be available in Waitrose?

    1. We're just waiting to hear from Food Heaven about availability.

    2. Oh my goodness that blueberry ice cream looks divine! Hopefully they will be widely available and not just online or in waitrose.

  4. Hi, where can u buy this cheaper than Swedish glace (£2 in asda)?

  5. Haven't you seen the video about the destruction of Rainforests; the Orangutan's home, for the production of the Palm Oil that is in these products.
    We do need to use more 'Free From' products, but not at the cost of other animals and the rainforests surely!?

    1. I am NOT promoting any specific business, but the video is so well made and so heart-wrenching, I thought it the best example to show you.


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