Guest Review: Blueberries does Divina Teresa 'Provencal'

Photo courtesy of Divina Teresa (serving suggestion)

Part 2 of our guest review of Spanish firm Divina Teresa's products. This time Blueberries is looking at the Provencal range of chicken style products. Read on for her thoughts on breadcrumbed fake chicken goodness and ketchup!

Hi again everyone!

This week I'm looking at the Divina Teresa Provencal range, which is a selection of chicken style products. 

Provencal Sausages

I got a bit of a surprise when I opened the package of Provençal sausages and found that they were cocktail-sized. The packaging made them look full-sized. The outside is a light-coloured sausage skin and the interior is white with meaty strands. It wasn't the texture I expected, and the taste was blander than the sausage products than I am used to. I thought that they were a chicken-style sausage, if such a thing exists.

Blueberries Rating: Provencal Sausages

Golden Nuggets

The golden nuggets are breaded chicken-style nuggets. As we learned from my review of the Atlantic range, I love anything covered in breadcrumbs so I was easily won over by these nuggets. The texture and taste are like what I remember of chicken nuggets, perfect dipped in lots of ketchup!

Blueberries Rating: Golden Nuggets

Provencal Burger

A plain, chicken-style burger with no adornments. Unfortunately I really wasn’t very fond of these. When grilled the texture was too soft, almost soggy. The taste was quite bland but not bad, although I couldn’t really see far beyond the unpleasant texture. Perhaps they would develop a better texture if grilled for longer than the 10-12 minutes suggested.

Blueberries Rating: Provencal Burger

Provencal Bites

I was a bit wary after the Provençal burgers, but I was pleasantly surprised by these Provençal bites. I liked them more than I thought I would, seeing as they weren’t covered in breadcrumbs. I accidentally left them under the grill for too long but I think they benefitted from the extra time as they developed a nice crispy top which complimented the softer texture of the inside. I couldn’t quite get over the fact that they looked like little croissants, but they were nice. Like all of the Provençal products, they are not too strongly flavoured, but definitely chicken-y. Not my favourite product from the range, but definitely enjoyable.

Blueberries Rating: Provencal Bites

Round Up

My overall conclusion is that this range is a bit hit-and-miss. I loved the nuggets, liked the sausages and bites and disliked the burgers.

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Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs that Blueberries reviewed.


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