Review: MozzaRisella, SmokeyRisella, CreamyRisella

MozzaRisella, SmokeyRisella, CreamyRisella

Vegan cheese, italian style. Three varieties of dairy-free cheese from Italian producer Frescolat. These three are all variations on classic mozzarella - a traditional one, a smoked version and a soft and creamy version. We've heard great things about these new vegan cheeses... read on to see if we agree:

MozzaRisella, SmokeyRisella, CreamyRisella vegan cheeses

The textures of the three are quite different. MozzaRisella is quite soft, but not quite as bouncy as dairy mozzarella. The SmokeyRisella is firmer and slices and grates more easily, and also has a little colour to it thanks to a pinch of turmeric in the recipe. The CreamyRisella is more like a curd cheese than a cream's soft set, a little like silken tofu (but not as soft).

Vegan Pizza with MozzaRisella rice cheese

MozzaRisella melts beautifully. There is no carrageenan or melting salts in there, so we can only assume the meltiness is achieved through the coconut oil. Unlike lots (and lots) of vegan cheeses, it doesn't go sticky, or re-gel the moment it's out of the just stays creamy and slowly goes firm as the food cools. The taste is subtly cheesy but good. We really really like this as a pizza cheese. You can read more on how it compares to other melting vegan cheeses in our cheese taste test (coming very shortly...).

SmokeyRisella tastes distinctly smoky when eaten cold, but the smokiness is less pronounced once cooked. It's slightly firmer, has more colour and a bit more flavour than the plain MozzaRisella. We really like this one too. We tried it out as a topping to some stuffed mushrooms and it goes soft and oozy on the inside and just a little crispy on the outside.

The CreamyRisella doesn't really need to melt, but it goes soft as you warm it. We tried stirring it through some risotto, which was good, but our favourite was as a jacket potato topping. The flavour of this is very good...just cheesy enough, really creamy and smooth...we can't recommend this enough.

Vegan cheese is changing. This is the second vegan cheese that will get full marks in our scores, and we really hope to see MozzaRisella more widely available. The italians certainly know a thing or two about cheese.

Verdict: Ris-oundingly good.

Veganoo Score: ★★★
MozzaRisella, SmokeyRisella, CreamyRisella

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Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

MozzaRisella ingredients

SmokeyRisella ingredients

CreamyRisella ingredients

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  1. This looks great - do they supply any uk stores?

  2. Only Vx at Kings Cross as far as we know.


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