New: Good Karma "3omega6" Flax Milk

Good Karma "3omega6" Flax Milk

Terrible name. Great product. Good Karma introduced their dairy-free flax milk to the UK earlier this year under the name "3omega6", which is a name so bad they didn't even put it on the carton. Having also missed off their company name "Good Karma" we think they should fire their creative department. Just as well the product speaks for itself:

In the States, the product is just known as Good Karma Flax Milk, but the EU prohibits the term 'milk' when applied to plant milks (except coconut milk).

We were pleasantly surprised when we opened the carton. We love flax oil for it's health properties, but it's not the greatest tasting oil, and having seen that this stuff if a whole 9% flax oil we were expecting something very 'hair shirt'. In fact, this milk is pure white, smooth, full bodied and not the least bit 'wholefoody'.

The taste is really neutral with just the tiniest hint of vanilla, and it makes a really great cold drink straight from the fridge. The texture has no graininess whatsoever, although it does rely on three gums and a thickener (see the ingredients panel below) to help keep it together like that.

We love all kinds of plant milk, from rice to oat or hemp, almond to hazelnut too. What we never do is use them in tea or coffee, where only soya will do. We were really blown away then, to discover that this stuff actually tastes fine - it's thick enough to whiten (not quite as good as soy) and has hardly any effect on the taste. Just that tiny hint of vanilla might get the better of us (vanilla has no place in plant milks, except 'vanilla' versions!) Coffee above, tea below.

Plamil once made a plant milk called White Sun, which was a blend of sunflower oil and pea protein. It tasted disgusting, which was disappointing. Good Karma have also used pea protein as the body in this milk, but have done a much better job in the taste department, producing an excellent alternative to soya milk.

With 9% flax oil, this is a fantastic way to get your Omega 3s. It's reasonably priced too, considering how much a bottle of flax oil costs .

If they could just work on the at least we can find it...this could become a favourite for UK vegans.

Verdict: Keep Karma and carry on

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Good Karma "3omega6" Flax Milk

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Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. I saw this today in a health shop and almost went for it but chose almond milk instead as I was hesitant as to what it would taste like. However after your review I will definitely give it a go when my almond milk runs out. Thanks

    1. These guys were exhibiting at VegFest London and everyone seemed to like the samples.

  2. I got a bulk buy of this milk from amazon, to try out and what a good step I've taken. This milk is creamy and smooth, makes tea and coffee creamy and does not have any after taste, it also does not change the taste of the original drink as other vegetable milks do. I wanted to try it as I want to get my omega 3 intake up and now this milk is a preferred in the household (hubby absolutely LOVED it, and hes not even vegan) :D I highly recommend this milk!!!

  3. I was brought here by this review, having recently discovered and been absolutely delighted by this flax drink / milk. It became available via Ocado, which is how I discovered it, and I've since purchased it both from Ocado and Amazon and left reviews (as benkrichardson on both sites).

    Prior to discovery I had recently stopped consuming the Good Hemp Hemp Milk due to the removal of the protein from the milk and the addition of unwanted sugar. I switched to Ecomil unsweetened almond milk which is pleasant and nutritious but compared to the flax milk, doesn't usefully contribute to omega 3 intake, is not great in hot drinks (it isn't emulsified), contains less protein and is more than double the price.

    I'm an ex-vegan, and will be enthusiastically recommending this milk to anyone who is interested.

    I admire your review, both in terms of content and presentation. Directing people here will relieve me from the challenge of doing justice to the milk with my own descriptions!


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