Review: Marks & Spencer Dairy Free Sunflower Spread

Marks & Spencer Dairy Free Vegan Sunflower Spread

Supermarket margarines are a minefield of whey powder, milk fat and other dairy ingredients...often in trace amounts and usually unnecessary. In Germany you can pick up 'Rein Pflanzlich' (pure plant) margarine in any small supermarket, but not so here in the UK. Brands like Pure and Vitalite are usually only found in the bigger branches. It's great to have another vegan option and Marks and Spencer's Simply M&S range includes a dairy-free sunflower spread. We picked up a tub for review.....but can it replace our old favourite Vitalite in our hearts (and fridges)?

We don't mind a bit of annatto or a few carotenes to make our marg look appetising...and this margarine looks great...a lovely golden colour. Taste wise this is a really excellent spread...buttery and soft and without the greasiness you can sometimes get with higher fat margarines. This is a 70% fat spread so it's not technically a margarine (min 80% fat for margarine), but it is still suitable for cooking and still melts well on hot toast. Lower fat spreads tend to sit on your toast without melting.

We're really pleasantly surprised by this spread and we're going to award it full marks. We do this when we don't think it could be improved as a vegan product. Not bad considering this is in the M&S Simply range which represents their 'value' products.

Verdict: Better than butter

Veganoo Score: ★★★★★
Marks & Spencer 'Simply M&S' Dairy Free Sunflower Spread

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

Marks & Spencer Simply M&S Dairy Free Sunflower Spread Vegan Ingredients

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  1. Hi Veganoo!
    I'm on the hunt for a reasonably priced vegan margarine that doesn't contain palm oil.
    So far my search has been fruitless! I don't suppose you've found any on your travels?

    1. That's a tough one, Jen. Since we turned our backs on hydrogenated oils, palm oil is one of the few vegetarian hard fats. Apparently the trans fat problem was only related to partially hydrogenated oils, and fully hydrogenated oils are not as unhealthy. Maybe someone can answer this?

      You seem to be making some marvellous creations with whatever marg you're currently using, by the way!

  2. Any luck finding one without palm oil? Marks and Spencer's are dreadful for Palm
    Oil usage.


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